Bladder Stones?

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Trent Billy- Elliot- Player

Trent the- Fluff-inator aka- Super Fluff
Barked: Fri Jan 8, '10 5:40pm PST 
Trent was just diagnosed with struvite stones in his bladder. Specifically, he has "high" triple phosphates in his urine. He is on antibiotics now and an anti-inflammatory. What I've read is that this type of stone is disolvable and fairly common. We are changing his food per his vet, but I read that isn't necessary. Anyone here had experience with this problem? Oh, and his weird cough/gag isn't "reverse sneezing" OR a collapsed trachea...but we don't know what it IS!

Mommy's little- princess
Barked: Thu Jan 14, '10 9:32am PST 
I know with stones a canned food diet is much better then dry as it adds moisture to the dogs diet so thats alot better for preventing this and helping this problem. Also if you feed your dog a mineral-rich diet, you can contribute to the formation of bladder stones. Diets high in calcium and magnesium have been linked to bladder stones in dogs. High levels of protein also can be blamed, in some instances, for the formation of tough stones. So I would try something more simplistic like california naturals canned, natural balance canned and I know some Wellness canned have all the right levels needed to help out.
ETA I though as much as I dont like the ingredients of special diets would use the prescription one just till my dog was better then switch to something like what I mentioned above.

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