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Ying Yang

Barked: Mon Nov 15, '10 3:57pm PST 
I've been considering an english bulldog for my household but I just can not seem to decide. I have done days of research on the breed and from all the books I'm reading they really do not explain the possible health issues of bulldogs. The main ones they list are heart conditions, arthoritis, displasia, slipping knea cap, bloat, eye (cherry eye) and eye lid problems. But is that is? It seems so few compared to every TV show and forum discussing bulldogs saying "So many health issues"

Other than the health issues I know everything else about a bulldog. About cleaning wrinkles, cleaning the tail pocket, don't do to well in excessive heat or cold (indoor only dog), swim like a brick (Even though I have seen some that can), not a long walk kind of dog, drooling, passing gas and etc.

I wanted to get info from owners of bulldogs for possible health issues that are not listed in my books. Maybe if you know of a good book to recomend let me know. I just don't want to get one and then find out I can't handle it.
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