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Am I a Blue Lacy or a Pit Bull? red face
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American Bulldog > I'm thinking about getting an American Bulldog- wanting opinions!

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Hi! I am new to this site so sorry if I am doing something wrong. hamster dance

I am hoping, very soon, to adopt a American Bulldog. I am actually going house searching tonight and once I purchase a house with a yard, I want to start looking for a new pup! As of now, all the places I am looking at have fairly small yards, but have high fences that could keep a big dog in. I currently have a blue lacy//pitbull (we are not sure really since she was a rescue) and therefore am wanting a bigger dog to be able to play with her.

Mainly I was just wondering what every one thinks about an American Bulldog living in a home with a small yard [the dog would be an inside dog, but I know a lot of times people think they should still have a yard to play in]? He/she would get plenty of exercise out of the house though.

Also, I was wondering if they were very high energy dogs like most pits I've been around or if they are fairly laid back?

Any other information about the breed would be so helpful from people who actually own them instead of websites that just profile them.
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