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Puppy Place > 7 month old puppy in heat? Don't know what to do!!

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Barked: Thu Dec 8, '11 7:44am PST 
She can get pregnat at around day 10 from when she started... but do you know when day 10 really is?

She will stay fertile for about 5 days after that.
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Puppy Place > Do you guys think that some 50/50 mixed breeds should become official breeds?

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Barked: Sun May 1, '11 8:01am PST 
Shiloh Shepherds, breed club ISSR, have been a breed underdevelopment for the last 60 years and only now in the next 2 years or so after all this time of careful breeding, making sure we are breeding to standard, health documentation, are we considering of applying to the AKC.

This is a long process not something to be taken lightly, or something backyard breeders or puppy mills are capable of doing.

Our breeders are responsible, and go above and beyond never wanting one of our pups of any age to ever end up in a shelter, agreeing to take them back and re-homing them either ourselves or through our club network.
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Puppy Place > what does have white markings on their chest


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Barked: Sun May 1, '11 7:15am PST 
I am 100% Shiloh Shepherd breed club ISSR and I have a white V on my chest. It is my V for Victory in the show ring.
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Choosing the Right Dog > Breed Suggestions


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Barked: Fri Feb 26, '10 6:21am PST 
I know a breed you would find interesting and will send you mail with lots of link about them and stories about them. I am writing a book about one of mine now.

I had not planned to raise this breed but after owning one for just a month muhusband and I decided to become breeders and help the breed found develop this rare breed.

Before that I had only rescued dogs. I had purchased the first dog as I wanted to self trains a service dog for myself.

The picture I have attached to this post is my second dog Rani, and the link is to my small kennel.

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Puppy Place > looking at breeders/


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Barked: Tue Feb 2, '10 11:43am PST 
I breed large/giant breed dogs it is not uncommon to have the dogs spayed/neutered older as they mature much older than other dogs. Some girls do not even go into heat until they are 14 months or older for the first time. It is not uncommon for the boys to be 3 years old and still not yet be lifting their legs to pee.

They are fed a high protein low fat diet and kept at a thinner weight as it is better for their joints while they are growing for at least the first 2 years of their lives. I also ask my puppy people to try and not have their dogs jump any higher than their dog's knee high. Which means no agility training. This too is for joint protection.

I encourage all puppies to be socialized, socialized, and socialized some more and I like to have monthly pictures of the puppies for the first year and then pictures and a quick note every 6 months thereafter. I like to have phone calls as often as whenever the owner deems they need to call me.
If a puppy has any genetic issues I will replace it (I do not take the pup/dog) but I do give another pup, and I will take back or re-home any dog if an owner cannot longer take care of it.

If you want a dog with a guaranty, you will have to find a breeder who can give this to you. When you rescue a dog, it is not there. I am not saying dogs should not be rescued, as I have rescued many in my life but I am saying if you know exactly what you want; you will need to search for it and be prepared to find it and not settle.
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Choosing the Right Dog > Tales of buying from a breeder.

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Barked: Sat Jan 30, '10 4:48pm PST 
If you got your dog from a breeder, take a minute to share your experiences.

Do you consider the breeder from whom you purchased your dogs to be responsible? Why or why not?
Yes the breeder I purchased my girls from was very responsible. She is the founder of the breed of dog I purchased and is still developing the breed of dog. She has litter evaluations back 30 years on everything from health to temperament. On both Sire and Dam sides.

How did you find your breeder? I researched for 6 years before I made my decision on which breed of dog I wanted to purchase. I kept coming back to this breed repeatedly and decided I wanted to get my girl from the breed founder rather than another breeder as she would know more about the breed than anyone else.

If applicable, what kinds of titles do the dogs they breed typically have? In the background of my girls there were Champions and Grand Champions; as well as, OB Champions.

Have you titled your dog, and if so was your breeder helpful? I am working toward titling my girls now. In the last show, one took Best of Breed and the other too Best of Winners.

Do you feel like you had to 'jump through a lot of hoops' to get your dog, or was it fairly easy?
No it was not easy to get the first girl but it was easier to get the second girl as the breeder already knew me quite well by then. I had lots of hoops to jump through to get my first girl. There were hours of phone calls, and an application, which was almost as long as one for purchasing a house. I also co-own both of my girls with the breeder.

Were you turned down by breeders before getting your dog? Why? No as I only went to one.

Is your dog what you expected it to be? Yes and so much more.

Is your breeder geared toward working, show, or pet dogs? She has both.

What kinds of health clearances did the parents of your pup have? All the dogs in her kennels that are bred have their hips, elbows, hearts, and thyroids done.

Is your pup at least as healthy as his/her parents, or did something their tests were okay on turn up in your pup? So far I have tested one of my girls, the other girl will be tested within the next couple of months. The first girl has proven to be just as healthy as her parents.

What registry, if any, did your breeder use? Please distinguish between the Canadian Kennel Club and the ConKC.
Since this is a developing breed it is not yet recognized by the AKC and is considered a rare breed. The club registry is ISSR.

Are there any unusual stipulations in your contract? I do not consider it unusual, but id my girls should have any genetic malformations occur in their lives they would be replaced by a dog of equal or better as they are breed/show quality girls. This does not mean she would take them just give me another pup. If I should have to give them up she would take them back no matter what the age. I must stay in contact with her during the first year with monthly pictures and after that every 6 months. She will always be available for any reason or problem concerning my girls.
My girls must be fed a high protein low fat diet of human grade dog food and even if they are pet quality their hips must be tested by the time they are 2 years of age and the results sent in to the breeder.

Would you recommend your breeder to a dogster? Yes!

If your breeder was responsible, what benefits have you reaped from that? She has been there for me when Mali had something strange happen and I needed an shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen to for hours on end.

If your breeder was responsible, what were some selling points that convinced you that they were responsible?
Everything I have typed above, plus the amazing dog I have purchased and has enriched my life.

This thread is intended to help new dog buyers understand what to expect when buying from a good breeder, so feel free to add your own commentary or ask someone below you to expand.
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Behavior & Training > What Age Should a Boxer Stop Having Pups?


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Barked: Mon Dec 28, '09 9:44am PST 
They never should have started until she was 2 so they could have finished with all of her health testing first.

They should have bred her only once a year and stopped at 6 years of age.

Her uterus is so badly stretched she could easily have complications during birth.
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Service & Therapy Dogs > Trying this one again: Your dog's tasks and commands.


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Barked: Tue Dec 22, '09 10:33am PST 
Rani has just a couple less than Mali;

Sit, down,
wait, stay,
Out, stand,
off, back, here,
potty, show,
Heal, side, slow, working,
Go on, (Move away from something)
Excuse me, (She needs to return to where she was)
In (When walking more than one dog on a small path),
Porch, house, car, yard,
drop it, paw, no, back up,
Kitchen, nose,
water, release, and come,
Not yours, find,
behind me (tight spaces in a store),
Take, give, place,
under, head, close,
shake,(as in shake all the water out of her coat)
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Service & Therapy Dogs > Let us have fun


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Barked: Tue Dec 22, '09 9:26am PST 
Rani and Mali both like to have their heads in the show with me one on either side, which means they have sopping wet faces. I try very hard to get into the shower alone as often as I can but somehow one or the other of them manages to find away to get the door open, and I open my eyes after rinsing the soap from my hair, to see four dark brown eyes staring at me.

Rani is a Velcro dog. She will lean against anyone, friend or stranger alike. If you take a step away from her, she rolls over like a ball onto her side.

My husband will bring the girls in from the fenced in back yard through the back porch. They are to stop on the back porch and not enter into the kitchen until they are given permission even if the kitchen door is open. They are not to enter the kitchen when he enters but are to wait until they are invited. One day I was standing in the kitchen and Rani was so happy to see me she came bouncing into so happy to me without and invitation. Steve was still on the porch wiping the muddy feet of the other dogs. I heard him call out, "Excuse me!" Rain lowered her ears and stopped in her tracks, turned on her heel and returned to the porch with her tail wagging. I could not help but laugh.

Every now and they Mali and Rani will push it with one paw or two into the kitchen and Steve or I will clear our voice and they will back up.

Last night, Steve and the girl were coming in and he was telling Rani how she was such a good girl, she was so happy her tail was going. She and the other dogs came onto the porch. The other dogs stopped but she came right into the kitchen with Steve. Steve stopped and looked down at her, as he lifted his hands to his hips. Rani looked up at him, stopped and started to walk backwards. She walked backwards about 3 yards until she got back to the porch door and then turned and got back onto the porch. Again, I had to laugh.

When Rani was a puppy, she went to her first dog show as she went around the ring, someone got to close to the ring with a camera. Rani stopped dead and started to bark at the person with the camera. This made everyone laugh including the judge. Steve got her going again only to have it happen again as a little boy had gotten away from his mom and was sneaking under the ring rope and Rani stopped again during her second time around to bark at him too. Again the crowd laughed. When it came to the end and the judge was examining her for the last time Rani had had enough and rolled over and offered the judge her belly to rub. The judge whispered to my husband that she was still giving Rani first place but she could never offer her belly to a judge again.

Since then we have called her a Hussey!
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Behavior & Training > Barking...what is he trying to tell me?

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Barked: Thu Dec 17, '09 5:35am PST 
Have you taught him to speak yet?

Teaching them to speak means I also taught them quiet with it after.

I learned when I taught my dogs to speak it was far easier to teach them to stop barking when I wanted them to.
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