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Dogs & Travel > Best airline for transporting dogs as cargo, now that Pet Airways out of business?

Barked: Fri Oct 5, '12 4:51pm PST 

I can't believe our lifesaver Pet Airways went out of business! Now what?

What is the best airline for transporting dogs as cargo?

Here are the considerations:

- the dog is too large to fly in the cabin, so the dog *must* fly in cargo.
- we are flying cross country from CA to NY.

We heard United Airlines had the least amount of deaths (although the Dept of Transportation does not require these numbers to be reported, so who knows where these numbers are coming from) -- but in Sept 2012, there were at least 2 healthy young-adult dogs who died while on United Airlines flights, on 2 separate occasions. For more information, see my blog post http://www.huskydigs.com/category/real-woof-news/ The worst part about this is not just the deaths, but United Airlines' public statements in response to these deaths -- they insist that there were "no irregularities" and they do not provide insight into the matter (in fact, they tried to prevent one of the owners from finding out that her dog was dead, and they lied about the dog being at the vet when in fact he was behind a closed door at the airport, while United waited for their legal counsel) and United did not offer any statements about how they would prevent this from happening or what measures they would take.

In other words, no matter what the airlines say, the fact is that their workers treat your dog like luggage.

Yes we already know the general pointers:
- fly direct (non stop, and no layovers)
- avoid the hottest time of the year

Any suggestions appreciated! or p-mail me!
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Dogster Lifestyle, News & Entertainment > Dog shot to death at dog park

Barked: Thu Aug 12, '10 3:36am PST 
Just an update on Bear Bear and the ongoing investigation.
The 2 Facebook Groups have been "merged" into 1 group "Justice for Bear-Bear". (Note the hyphen.) The Maryland State Attorney is now handling the investigation, after Arundel County Police Dept botched it up. The State Attorney just announced yesterday that they most likely will not have a decision regarding charges against the shooter Keith Shephard, until next Monday. Bear Bear's owners have retained an attorney and may pursue a civil suit; it appears Bear Bear's owners might have suffered various civil rights violations, at the hands of the police. There is ongoing investigation into the police officers' abuse of power, including the swift police coverup that was kicked into play. The Bear Bear case has shed light on the overlooked but growing problem of police officers fatally shooting dogs that are innocent and in situations that are entirely unjustifiable. Often these officers receive no reprimand for their actions. Please stay tuned because the outcome of this case is significant as a precedent. On my website www.huskydigs.com, I've provided contact info for the local, county and state authorities investigating this matter -- please contact them to urge a thorough investigation and sentencing for the killer, and keep the pressure on. Originally the police wanted to brush this under the rug but due to the outcry (from social networks, such as this), the issue became too big to ignore. Thanks to everyone who's worked for Justice for Bear Bear.
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Siberian Husky > Has anyone ever had a husky in an apartment?


Barked: Thu Aug 12, '10 3:15am PST 
Hi, I live in an apt in NYC. Here is a "for-fun" picture of me devastating the apt( http://www.huskydigs.com/139/husky-daily-a-is-for-apartment-friendly / ), on my new husky website www.huskydigs.com. BOL. Actually I do great inside a small apartment because my mom goes to great pains to make sure I get lots of exercise and stimulation -- we go for runs and walks all over the city, and she has trained me to accompany her into stores and city parks, as well as outdoor seating at restaurants. As a result, she is able to take me almost anywhere, even when she eats out. I was dragged to a karaoke bar once (I did not sing, BOL) but it was a good experience, everyone gave me so much attention. I think my mom is going to write a new section on the website about "Apt Living for Huskies", so be sure to check the site later on. Remember, your husky will want to accompany you, so if you can train him to follow you quietly around town, then you can take him as many places as he's allowed. That will go a long way in keeping him content the rest of the time when he's inside your apt. Good luck!
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What I Love About Dogster > Ahhhhh! My Dogster's all weird! What's going on?? Is it 2012??


Barked: Tue Jun 1, '10 11:29pm PST 
let me try to explain what makes me mad.

when i look at all those dogster member pages and see all the rosettes and stars and photos and comments and wildly clashing backgrounds and zany graphics that some people have on their dogster pages, i think, Wow these people have put in so much time and energy and care not just showing off their pets proudly but also cultivating friendships, developing relationships, helping one another, etc etc over years -- which makes me happy that people care so much about their pets and the pet community. which is also why it makes me mad that these same people -- the heart if not the backbone of dogster -- are now being treated like third class citizens, because dogster HQ wants to capture the "casual internet surfer" who is searching for general or specific answers about "dogs", and give priority to this casual user. It's no coincidence that the "Community" is now so difficult to find. It's a very simple principle of user-interface-design (which I do professionally) that you make the important things easy to navigate to, and you make it difficult to get to the unimportant things. I have a hard time believing that the "bugs" regarding Diary Central, Paw Mail, etc are really just oversights and "inherent in the software upgrade/migration process" -- I believe that the community itself was One Big Afterthought. (As a former software developer, I would have been fired if I had allowed so many "bugs" "kinks" in core functionality, such as the Community tab not working, especially when that Community tab is the only way in. Also as a former software developer, I can tell you that I am not convinced that "upgrading technologies" was the motivation for this change.)

It's not about the color scheme, or the design of the buttons. It's about the paradigm shift.

It's about the fact that Dogster is now treating its most loyal supporters and members like third-class citizens, and making casual internet surfers ("first-timers") the first-class citizens.

The fact that so many people have voiced their opinions against the "New Dogster" and the fact that HQ's response has really only addressed the minutiae, the technicalities, the superficial, the "bug fixes" means that it's not listening to its community.

And, before I get censured off this, let me say that Dogster HQ recognizes that one of its strengths is its "loyal and passionate" members -- hence the tone and length of this forum thread.
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What I Love About Dogster > Ahhhhh! My Dogster's all weird! What's going on?? Is it 2012??


Barked: Fri May 28, '10 6:38pm PST 
It would be great if HQ could answer the question,

Why did Dogster change its slogan from:
"For the love of dog"
"Expert Info. Community Know-how".

I am wondering if all these little design quirks & changes are like a "red herring" -- it gets people to focus on the immediate little problems, and not the BIG or *real* change at hand, which is that Dogster is ... no longer for the love of dog?

(Sorry if this sounds like a repeat, but I think the subtlety is important enough to bear repeating.)
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What I Love About Dogster > Ahhhhh! My Dogster's all weird! What's going on?? Is it 2012??

Barked: Fri May 28, '10 1:51pm PST 
I do not like the new changes to Dogster.

I am not referring to the visual design elements, such as the color of the background and styling details. It's not that the new layout is bad, strictly speaking.

It's not the new "design" that bothers me. What I don't like is the direction underlying these "visual design changes". These "visual design changes" are actually part of a bigger theme, which is how Dogster is downplaying the community members, as part of its apparent re-branding. The new slogan is "Expert info, community know-how" -- meaning the community members are secondary, and it's no coincidence that they are much harder to find via the navigation tools. It's a simple user-interface design principle to make the less-important things more clicks away.

I understand the nature of free markets in the economy means that Dogster has to adapt and that Facebook's dogbook poses a threat. But this dog says this: Dogster, don't alienate your base.
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Siberian Husky > HELP!! I\'m ready to call the breeder and see about a return for my 3-month old Siberian Husky!!!


Barked: Sun Feb 15, '09 7:04pm PST 
Yes, it appears the OP is gone but what alarmed me in her original post is that she compared her 3-month old Siberian Husky puppy to the labrador retrievers that she's had in the past ... and never had this kind of trouble with.

My comment is that people who are experienced with labs and expect a similar experience with raising a husky (because both are athletic dogs) are not being very realistic. Every credible reference points out that huskies are very different in temperament and nature and modus operandi than labs, and it is very obvious that someone who wants obedience (never mind just training) from a dog is kind of setting themselves (and their husky) up for failure if they choose to get a husky. I've blogged in my diary(jokingly, of course wink) about my husky beef with labs but it's based on the fundamental difference. One of my husky's favorite dogs is a lab, that's not the issue. The issue is that it doesn't sound like a very good match between owner and dog, if the owner expects lab-like trainability and submission from a sibe, young or old.

I guess I'm just hoping that a potential siberian husky adopter will browse this thread and realize that if they want the temperament and aptitude of a lab, they should not get a husky.

It's kind of like saying, I've raised huskies in the past, but for some reason my new labrador retriever seems to resist my efforts at training him to pull me on skis for 10 miles at a time.

Her puppy does not sound bad or defiant, he sounds like pure puppy husky, as everyone (husky owners) have already commented. My last dog (not a husky) was an excellent obedience dog but I knew BEFORE getting my husky that if I still had any desire or expectation of obedience or blind followership out of a dog, then I had to check it at the door.
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Dog Laws & Legislation > Sarah Palin Wolf Eradication


Barked: Sat Oct 11, '08 1:00am PST 
I do believe the topic of wolves is warranted here. Especially when it comes to shooting. Why?

I am a siberian husky. Recall the case in May of 2 huskies who were gunned down by a man in Florida. (The 2 huskes are actually on dogster, Hoochie dogster #797639 and Raley dogster #797665 and as of recently, charges still had not been filed against the shooter.) The man's argument? Among other things, that he thought these siberian huskies were wolves, and was therefore justified in shooting them.

So it is topical to discuss wolves and dogs here, because I don't think it's fair for to call it open season on hunting wolves if people are going to mistake dogs for wolves or want to mistake dogs for wolves.

Having established the relevance of wolf issues to a dogster dog issue, I'd like to point out more facts about laws and legislation, which I think is fair for this thread.

Aerial hunting is illegal, except in certain cases -- which are not the cases motivated by Palin. Palin exploits these loopholes. The Federal Airborne Hunting Act, 16 U.S.C.A. §742j(1) makes it illegal to “hunt, harass any animal, or shoot from the air,” but exceptions allow certain federal or state agents to conduct “research” or “to protect domestic livestock or crops.” This scenario in Alaska exploits a loophole in the Federal Airborne Hunting Act -- the wolf control is motivated by trophy hunters of moose and caribou.

Here is Palin's track record on wolves (and bears and environment).

Pups, feel free to send me pmail!
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Behavior & Training > Dog Park Drama- Little dog vs. Big dog


Barked: Fri Oct 10, '08 12:37am PST 
I am not sure what city or town you live in, but I live in New York City where there are numerous dog parks (some divided between small and large sizes) and I can say that politics has definitely elbowed its way into dog parks.

The way I see it, it's like going to the gym -- there are going to be people who are very particular about various things in that shared space with that shared equipment and regardless who is wrong, there is probably enough people in a small enough space that there will be friction. So, it's too easy to step on someone's toes. And I guess etiquette and manners isn't always about the "right" thing, but about the "polite" thing, in order to avoid conflict or hostility.

But this doesn't help answer your question, and of course the stakes are higher if someone's dog gets injured (or develops neuroses) at the dog park. My best advice is look at the owners and not just the dogs. If the owners strike you as laid-back easy-going types, then I'm sure you can be more relaxed about what your dog does. If the owners appear anxious and worrisome, then you might be better off being more proactive about curbing your dog's behavior.

Generally speaking, people with small dogs have different thresholds and expectations than do people who own large dogs, when it comes to play and rules for playing. I have a 50-lb siberian husky and a 12-lb miniature dachshund, so that affords me a "balanced" point of view, but at the expense of sounding "breedist" or size-ist etc, you'll probably incur the least amount of conflict or hostility if you stick to groups that are more like your own. (ie, if everyone else there is a small dog, and yours is the only big dog, maybe better to leave it alone.)
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Dogster Railroad > Offered: western PA to NY (New York City) 10/17

Barked: Fri Oct 10, '08 12:07am PST 
Transportation offered Oct 17th or Oct 18th from Pittsburgh PA to New York City NY. Please pmail me. I will be traveling with 1 siberian husky (my own).
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