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Barked: Wed Sep 19, '07 12:19pm PST 
hey There! This is my story_____When I brought Jagger home I had two cats. I was nervous about introducing them as my cats were about a year and a half old and could probably do some serious damage to my puppy if they wanted to (Jagger was only 8 weeks old when i brought him home). I kept jagger in the kitchen and the cats in the livingroom during the first week. The cats were very curious about the smell and the noises that came from the kitchen and kept trying to sneak in. I let Jagger smell the kitty bed and blanket first and finally brought him into the living room on his leash. I pinned his paws down because he started to try and play and then the cats came over to investigate. Jagger loved them right away- it was the cats that had to warm up to him! NOw they all sleep together and are best buds!
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