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I don't know why I'm posting this as I am crying as I'm doing this. I lost my Rogen nearly 3 weeks ago and I can't take the pain anymore. He was my first MY dog and he was my world.

I feel so cheated as he was going to turn only 8 years old in January. He was in Congestive Heart Failure, had an enlarged heart, two swollen legs and body, his liver was enlarged too or could have been a mass.

Has anyone else gone through this with their Shepherd? I don't know what I expect to get by answers, maybe some peace of mind?

The grief is so intense and I am so lonely. I am just so angry that his life was cut short. I know I did the right thing by putting him down. He could have been treated, but even then he may have lived only another 3-6 months and that's if he responded, but he would still have been suffering. I couldn't do that to him.

Sorry, don't mean to vent, but I can't stand the pain anymore. I'm thinking of adopting another dog (not a GSD this time, but maybe later), and I'm hoping this dog will help me heal.

In any case, was just wondering if anyone else lost a dog to what I described.

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German Shepherd > Having second thoughts...PLEASE HELP!!!

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Jackson is still a puppy and he'll learn. Just be patient. Go to obedience class. You can also try Bark Busters! I hear they are really good. They teach you how to be the pack leader. Their website is www.barkbusters.com. They are pricey, but it might give you the peace of mind you're looking for. I'm going to call them when I can afford it. Their prices are about $500 for a session. You'll see a difference right away, but he still is a puppy.

Also, this breeder should not have let the dog go at 6 weeks. But please learn from me, socialize him well. Have lots of people and kids come up to him. Make sure they ask first and approach him correctly. They shouldn't pet the top of his head, more at the side and the dog should approach them first. The reason I'm stressing this is Rogen can be a little aggressive with people he doesn't know and if that person is nervous it makes it worse. He isn't around kids all the time so he can't go near them. He doesn't know how to be gentle with kids. I don't let people he doesn't know come up to him. I should have socialized him a little better. And remember he is a German Shepherd and he will be protective of you.

There are also some very good books out there. Some good ones are Cesar's Way by Cesar Milan, the books from the Monks of New Skete (they breed and raise German shephers). These might help too.

Be patient and keep us posted.
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