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What would- brobee do for a- cookie?
Barked: Fri Jun 1, '07 11:05am PST 
ok..so when my mom found me in the pound, she was looking for a cane corso to rescue... she looked for over 6 months.. but when she saw me, she decided I was the next best thing (And only $80 as opposed to $2000!!!)

She brought me home when I was only a baby (9 weeks old)... look at me now!!
we PASS! dont you think?
OK, so I ma not really a cane corso, but a rott/pit/boxer mix.....but who knows.. (my sister's mom thinks she is part great dane, but she is confused) And because we came from doggy jail as a baby.. we COULD be a anything, even a real CC!!!
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What would- brobee do for a- cookie?
Barked: Fri Jun 1, '07 10:46am PST 
I make a nice topping for my dog dry food (which I get at a feed store...and has no wheat or corn)

slow roast a whole chicken
in the roasting pan I put
cut up
sweet potatoes
and anything that might be good for dogs
after it is roasted,
I strip the meat from the bones and take everything else from the pan (vegies drippings etc)
and put it into a pot, and cover it with water, adding
a little salt ( so it tastes good)
and enough brown rice or barley so that when it is done slow stewing, it is a stout, thick mixture resembing dog foodfrom the can, except the meat and vegies retain their form and its really food, intead of mush,
I will substitute red meat for poultry,,, cutting it up small or using ground meat and saute it and simmer the diced vegies first...
the whole thing is served up on top of dry with a serving of nutrtional yeast and mixed in.
he LOVES this...
and it was inspired by the whole toxic dog food BS...
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