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Tawny - (Minsimba- Pennylane)

Barked: Mon Apr 9, '07 11:17pm PST 
Our chow Tawny has suffered from this condition. The first vet we took her to advised us that it was a fairly common occurence in chows, and was most likely to an over-reaction, to an allergen, of her immune system. Finding the allergen is the hard part. Dustmites and fleas were eliminated first, then her diet was scutinized - nothing. Our best guess is that it is a slightly rarer allergy to grasses or pollens. Her condition flares in humid weather, mostly in the spring. To manage it, I wash her in Malaseb once a week and use plain porridge (oats) in a paste to sooth any 'hot-spots'. The most uncomfortable part for her is the ear infection that sometimes comes with itch. We were advised to use the Malaseb in her ear too, but this did not work. We now only use Surolan which clears up her ear/s in a day or two.
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