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Barked: Sat Dec 13, '08 1:50am PST 
I have buiit all my own agility equipment. Jumps if PVC water pipe and Dog Walk and seesaw from pallets. I am now on the A Frame.
Basically you need a saw hammer and nails. If any one wants to email me privately I will take close up photos and where I got the stuff from.Brightkozyb@aol.com. Sue
P.s. Weave poles are electric fence posts can get these from Ebay,
as they have a spike on the end you can make them into V weave
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Belgian Sheepdog > belgian group

Barked: Sun Apr 6, '08 6:16am PST 

We have just joined Dogster and seen this post. we are and would love to chat to other Belgian2 Tervs and one Groenendael.
We all live in the UK,and would love to chat with other Belgian owners
Arty, Kozy, and Cassis,and mother(Sue)wave
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