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Ivan the- Lurcher

Ivan the lurcher
Barked: Sun Jul 13, '08 1:19pm PST 
Despite what some may think Lurchers are quite popular in the state of Texas. They are just known under another name. They are called Texas Coyote dogs- for their ability to run down and kill coyotes. The crosses I've encountered the most are: Irish Wolfhound/greyhound, German Shepard/greyhound, and Great Dane/greyhound. If you check my site you'll see a few. I've had to change my rescue over to mostly picking up lurchers because there are so many that get lost during the hunts. Ivan is one of these. Needless to say they are very beautiful and I LOVE the endless varity the greyhound crosses come in. I've even started a scrapbook of Lurchers.
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