Behavior & Training > Not sure what to make of this behavior


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Could be fear period or teenage phase???
How old is the dog?

Could also be getting comfortable enough to start marking its territory as its own (teenage years or a new "older dog" really bonding with its home to say "the territory is now mine", "my home")... and making it known (to other dogs).

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Behavior & Training > New Study May Forever Change Dog Training

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Why I love the book by Jennifer Arnold "In the Dog's Heart".

Dogs unlike humans have no hands to communicate... only its mouth...
(Mouth to drag the owners places like that cool Lassie drags the humans to the mines to save certain events, mouths to tell you it wants to play, pee, walk etc.).
It con only communicates its desires (and even emotions) via body languages.
Via the tail, that happi tongue mouth, that sleep exposed belly (vulnerable position) = total bliss in its safety etc...

How can they not have emotions???
Human like empathy???

A clap & shout out to that GSD "Jade" that recently save a baby at the park and baby will be named after Jade.

Without human like emotions & empathy...
Why does that dog have "needs" to try and "communcate" with humans via human trainings and vocal cues????

Why does it love to please its loved ones???
(Like that GSD Jade knowing its a right thing to save the human baby because it knows it "may" please its owners or even just a "protection instinct" for the human species)

So what is in the dog's heart is something for us humans to truely wonder about.
Maybe something as wonderful as love itself.blue dog
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Behavior & Training > My male Golden is driving us crazy with his fear of everything and bad behavior...


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It is understandable that ALL dogs use their mouth to express, communicate, even yes... the dreaded "defense" (Bite).
Be it new puppies, old dogs, trained dogs, sick dogs, dogs in pain, loyal dogs, strange dogs etc...

For the dog to understand what "pressure" of the bite/mouth humans like, its up to us the closest "everyday" human to train it to the "pressure" of mouthing we "accept" (else it would be painful; I have been bitten with bleeding wounds... my old dog "in pain" on death bed).

It is up to the "human" partner to teach it "soft mouth"... so the dog communicates to us comfortably with a pressure accepted by us, to lead us to the place it wants, tell us what it wants / desires and "we the humans" have to try and understand its needs and wants without "frustrating" the dog to try and tell us again by adding pressure to the mouth etc. Takes work. But also canine can be taught other methods of communcating (like fetching the leash when it wants to walk)... end must be reached though (like dog's desires) so it knows the communication to humans is successful! (So yeah... take the dog to pee, play, feed etc... when needs and desires is expressed "mouthing", "ring the bell", fetch the leash", "fetch the toy" etc.)

***You can also teach the dog to "wait".
Very important lesson to teach "wait".
So end (desires for dog) is still acheived, communication successful.
(equates to don't break that "trust" of requiring the dog to have to "wait".
Reward it with achieving its goal (walk, treats, food, play, etc.) for that wait.

Then I think you will have a more "reasonable" dog that will be less likely to "pester" for certain needs it want "now".

As for the chewing... I too have a huge big chewer.
I can relate to your fear (Mine has destroyed carpets, wood furnitures, hot tub etc.).
"Redirection" is key.
Besides teaching it "leave it", I added "not yours (or the dog's name)" in add to my redirection cues. Just as I would walked our property's boundaries (teaching him what is his territory), or when giving him his food, his chews, his toys... I will always try communicating vocally as would to a toddler (simple words).

1 year old is a clear teenage phase... my dog too is 1 years old.
We (as humans) too all went through teenage phase and just asked that our parents gave us patience so we can get through this phase to be "settled" into adulthood. No fun for our parents I am sure... so don't give up on him yet....
Mine will be teenager till 3... lol. (Much consolation to self)

Fear and shyness can be overcomed with time.
Use your Golden retriever's love for its home base (your house) as an advantage.
If he is that home bound like mine, he would less likely runaway (sees home as safe haven).

(Do you have a deck???)
If so, even better... try leaving him "outside" with supervision (then slowly with less supervision) to see how he fares.
A deck works wonders for my dog and gave him lots to see and not be afraid about (his high vantage view also keeps him occupied & stimulates his learnings / brains). He would even sleep on his back he is so comfie.
Then again may be a bad idea if you are close to other neighbours where neighbour kids will tease him and deck is on ground level (not elevated like mine where no one can "reach him").

Anyhoo... From another 1 year old dog owner to you... Good luck with yours.
Mine (Great Pyrenees) is just as "mouthy" and "nippy" as yours (very very retriever like; retrievers are bred to retrieve and mouth is used to do that "retrieving") but he is nooo retriever so does not have the excuse of the retriever (breed advantage) at mouthing... lol!
I still love him lots though... he mouths to drag me to "upstairs", jump and then mouth to want to play and know to ring the bell when want out, will fetch leash and collar for walks. Soft mouth that is, without much pressure... only drawback??? His very very wet drools.wavepuppy
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Home Prepared Food & Recipes > Vitamins


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Hmmm... Roman is as healthy as can be and have a great beautiful coat of fur ladies yound and old cannot keep their hands on (seriously... it happens at every walk, hikes and races we go to, Roman is a healthy dog with tons of activities... we are "outdoors people" too).

He is on homecooked diet (breakfast and dinner only).
Mainly eggs for breakfast, cereals sometimes (yes, I read the box, no rasins, no artificial sweeteners... I do not like those, he is not lactose intollerance but I do switch/mix goat milk & cow to ease his stomache), PB, CC, Bacon (he loves bacon) etc...

Dinner, we change up what meat we are cooking and only after taking out Roman's portion will we "spice up or flavor" ours... I cook for an extra human (Roman) portion.
(Oh... I use EVO for my cooking too, helps with his coat too)..

[Even for the humans, our main diet is protein (loves our meat)... so Roman's base diet if anything is mainly "meat" (cow farm, deer hunting). We do very little soy or beans to replace protein.]

Lunch he is free fed kibbles (which he never finishes anyway for that 2-3 cups... he does self regulate (not fat by all means even if he does love his food).
Also hand fed treats throughout the day as well...
(Homemade meatballs, FIL deer jerkey, home made sausages, occasional hotdogs & hamburgers, Peanut butter, butter & creamcheese roolups of breads, leftover boiled chicken, very little commercial dog treats {heard the scare, NOoooo "MIC" stuffs, what I don't eat, he does not eat!} etc... )

The vitamins I added to his diet is much like us humans except less.
I do give centrum multi-vit for Roman... only 2 X weekly.
Now he is on Glucosamine (Naturemade Triple flex right now 1500mg) only 1/2 a pill daily (everytime my hubby takes his daily).
He is also on fish oil, a pill a day (hence his coat).
Those are the 3 vitamins I kept him on with directions from our vet (family have a farm and she is the one all our clan turn to).

Like I said, I monitor his poopies daily (since I also clean his poops) and he is as healthy as can be.
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Food & Nutrition > What Is Your Dog's Favorite Fruit/Vegetable?


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Roman eats meats (at least 60%) mainly with pastas and rice (very little carrots, peppers, kale thrown in to "flavor"... like about no more than 5%).
That is his daily home cooked dinner.
(Well his humans are also big time carnivores, DH big on BBQ especially summers... )

Saying that Roman still has his favourite fruit & veggies anyways... as toys!!!

He loves rolling around and cleaning his teeth on (and making a big mess)...

Butternut Squash
Pumpkin (great for maintaining digestions)
Carrot s


Homegrown goodies... Free toys!
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Dog Health > Interesting view on neutering

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My hubby think it inhumane to neuter but we have to keep our contract with the breeder.

Hubby did came around when "neutering" actually helps with our Pyr's need to roam (known breed to "dissaPyr") especially while out seeking the ladies'.

Now our Pyr is very well home bound.
So yeah... Neutering has its perks.
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Dogs and a Clean Home > Best Carpet Cleaner


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I believe in the power of Borex too!!!
Baking powder sprinkled do help neutralize odors and also absorb up the "eeks"... dry them out in fact (Only for the beginning phase of my pup, he peed, never pooped while in training).

Everyday maintainence...
Run the vac (got a Neato Robot) every 2-3 days.
Manual vaccuum weekly (Bissel).
Swifter, swifter & a great broom a must.
Floor cleaners & detergents for the deck.
Scoop kitty litter (cat).
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Behavior & Training > Thoughts on training collars


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When we first got Roman as a puppy, we also bought a "pinch type" collar to train him to walk nice (or not pull).

My mistake of ever trying to put one one him... Its when he pulled so hard we know that the pain is not stopping him but just the opposite... But that is all in the Great Pyrenees breed trait, that they are stubborn like that.

= Not a good thing to do when trying to establish new trust between a new puppy / dog. And for a successful dog & owner training... trust between humans and dogs (that partnership) is "everything".

So I took off the pinch collar and showed him his regular collar, then showed him the pinch collar again (basically visually telling him why I was using it), pointed at his leash and said "No Pull!"... Roman actually is smart enough to pick up that it is his choice... He nosed the regular flat collar, I put it on him and he walked like a charm ever since!!!

There is no need for "heeling" or "walking nice" lessons...
He naturally does that without any "pain / control collars".

He listened and walked the best actually off leash and will "stay put" to let both me / hubby to put his leash on him anytime we wanted.

All from a positive reinforcement plus taking time to actually learn to communicate (or the willingness to listen to your dog's needs) and tons of praises.


Trust does not come from "pain" to dogs...
Only love and acts of open trust that the dog "understand" why he/she is being trusted.
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Great Pyrenees > PATOU!...READ to understand your Pyr!


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hamster danceway to go

Researched mine.. please read & research your preferred breed so you know & accept them for who they are!
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