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Barked: Thu Mar 5, '15 6:32pm PST 
There is always the Westie Diet (not just for Westies):

Took Phoebe from 6 to 23 pounds smile
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Food & Nutrition > Gassy pups on Blue Buffalo Wilderness.

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Barked: Thu Mar 5, '15 6:24pm PST 
The Westie Diet (not just for Westies):
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Dog Health > Caught my dog drinking from the toilet rather than drink Brita water!


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Barked: Thu Mar 5, '15 6:13pm PST 
My West Highland Terrier had never done that before, and I had only just started putting Brita filtered water in her bowl. My dog is very smart, so I looked it up on goggle, and guess what? She is not alone!

85 complaints on Consumer Reports have pretty much the same experience, even cats refusing Brita filtered water. Now make that 86.

One lady complained of having pain in her left abdomen after having not eaten in awhile, and drinking Brita filtered water. Guess what? My wife just went to the doctor with pain in her left abdomen.

Something is amiss, and some people said they'd been using Brita for years, but all of a sudden having these kinds of problems. Don't take my word for it, just Google "Why does my dog refuse Brita Water"
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Home Prepared Food & Recipes > The Westie Diet...


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Barked: Fri Feb 20, '15 10:56pm PST 
...isn't just for Westies.

I didn't create it, but I do think it's good stuff.

We got Phoebe, our Westie, who was probably the runt of the litter. She was so small that I could easily hold her in the palm of my hand. This food not only made her grow, but it made her grow big and strong. But... you have to have the patience to make the stuff.

Westies are prone to skin irritations called hot spots, and some of the ingredients are for that, too. Skin and coat stuff.

So here is a link to the formula:

Phoebe can now probably kick the butt of any of her brothers, she got so big and strong eating this stuff smile
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Behavior & Training > Is there another dog forum we can ALL move to?


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Barked: Thu Jan 23, '14 1:37pm PST 
What the heck? I registered with and when I get to page it says I am banned?

Was it wrong to say I came from Or is it a glitch on their website?

I am Confused.
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Rescue, Adoption & Happy Endings > In light of Dogster's decision to close down the Community....

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Barked: Thu Jan 23, '14 10:46am PST 
Following Pasha's advice, I submitted and application to join That's right, you have to submit an application! I'm still waiting to be "approved". I suppose that's what you have to do these days, look at the way Dogster has been hacked.
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West Highland Terrier > Heavy panting westie pup


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Barked: Wed Jan 22, '14 10:28am PST 
Yes! It is normal!

We call it "the zoomies" laugh out loud

See my video on

Make sure you have the sound on.

He'll outgrow that before you know it, you'll miss it.
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West Highland Terrier > How much cold is safe for my Westie?


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Barked: Wed Jan 22, '14 10:15am PST 
I know they are little toughies, and have a double coat. But it is 4 degrees F here, and into the minus 0 with wind chill.

She has a nice warm jacket and Pawz booties (mostly they protect her paws from the salt and whatever other chemicals Chicago is using on sidewalks).

But how cold is too cold for a Westie? You can't ask Phoebe because always the answer will be, "Are you kidding me? Let's go, go, go!"

The squirrels are always out, but you know, they're on their own and have their own coping mechanisms.

Phoebe is three years old, and gives me this pleading look, as if to say, "Please, lets go out."

So where do I draw the line? 20 degrees, 0 degrees, -10 degrees?
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West Highland Terrier > Great Tip for Westie Skin Problems


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Barked: Wed Jan 22, '14 9:57am PST 
My two year old Westie was exhibiting signs of such a skin allergy, biting off the fur on her front legs and rear paws in obvious discomfort. I took her to the Vet, who informed me that Westies' skin is notoriously vulnerable and it could be for a variety of reasons, but since Phoebe's exhibited in the fall season only, it's probably something she's walking through.

We walk every day in Grant Park in Chicago. Nice squirrel population there to bark at, and not taking her out is not an option (if you know Westies, you know why laugh out loud

I did notice little signs the Park District put out warning that the grass has been treated with chemicals.

So I did two things:

1) Feeding Phoebe the "Westie Diet", see
2) Washing her legs and paws with "Episoothe Shampoo" after walks and her whole body once a week.

Problem solved.
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Rescue, Adoption & Happy Endings > Bridget Needs a New Owner

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Barked: Wed Jul 3, '13 8:55pm PST 
Bridget is a perfectly viable, relatively young, pure bred Pomeranian. She is white with a lovely champagne streak running through her fluffy fur.

She shows all the natural traits of a Pomeranian: inquisitive, smart, independent yet loving, and hyper.

Unfortunately that last one makes her the wrong dog for my 83 year old mother. Bridget has become pack leader in that household, and Mom just can't keep up.

I'd take her in a heartbeat, she is a very sweet dog. But I already have a Westie, and I can't handle the two.

You can see the two of them playing on my Youtube channel here: UUsnKMze7IOUauaZkhVw5Oew

Bridget is a very sweet dog, and a good home gets her for free.

If interested call my cell at 312-404-5453
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