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Stephen King

Barked: Sat Feb 9, '13 4:15am PST 
Hi all,

Just over a year ago I was posting about my DA/HA Shepherd from the shelter, Thas. Sadly, she passed away back in March, 2012, after an accident.

Just after Christmas, I and my fiancée rescued an older boy from the shelter. He'd been there for two years. His first home was with one younger man. He had to be rehomed after the guy had an accident and wasn't able to do much at all with the dog, who's name when we got him was "Stephen, as in, Stephen King".

We never changed his name, despite the fact both me and Gary hate people names for dogs. Stephen looks like a Stephen. laugh out loud I have to admit, I'm starting to wish we'd renamed him Shadow.

He was rescued by another family shortly after being dropped at the shelter, but returned soon because he'd snapped at their kid. We have no kids, no other dogs and no cats. Ste is a Brittany Spaniel/Whippet mix, and is 7 years old.

We've found one issue with this guy.

He stays right by your side whether he's on lead or off lead. He doesn't chase other dogs, cats, people, cars, squirrels, rabbits or birds, toys, balls, squeakers or sticks. He is literally RIGHT there. While it IS a good thing, it means he doesn't get a lot of exercise.

We've started going to opposite sides of the park and calling him back and forth, but he doesn't actually run to either of us. He'll walk or trot, depending what mood he's in. Both the breeds he's mixed with are high-energy dogs, so why he doesn't feel the need to run, ever, is really confusing.

We're working on fetch with him. He'll bring us the ball when we throw it across the room, now.

Is the exercise really something to worry about with him? He won't go and play with other dogs, but he's happy to greet them and then walk with us. He was listed as "high energy" at the shelter, but I don't know what that was based on.

He's had a full health check at the vets. Aside from earmites when we first got him, he had nothing physically wrong. He doesn't have earmites anymore. He's intact.

He loves to play, so we generally play tug with him on walks and in the house. He won't chase the tug, though, and if we throw it, he just walks to it and nudges it with his nose until someone picks it up and starts playing.

It seems really weird that this "high energy" dog has no energy to run off! laugh out loud
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