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Food & Nutrition > How do you store your food?


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Be careful with rubbermaid totes, or any container for that matter. One of the most overlooked causes of food allergies is grain mites. If a bag of dry food is contaminated with grain mites and you use a container to store food in, the grain mites reside in the container and will be spread to each new bag of food that you dump in there. Solution: either wash the container between bags, or store the food in the bag inside the container.
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Food & Nutrition > Feeding Guidelines - Too high??

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Hi Indiana,

You are right to be concerned about feeding guidelines. Basically they are forced to take a 'one size fits all' approach to feeding directions, i.e. all 40 lb dogs are to be fed the same. The reality is that many things affect your dogs metabolism and hence caloric needs. As has been mentioned activity level is one, however sex is another. Males need more calories than females of the same weight. Neuter status also affects metabolism. Spayed or neutered dogs require less calories than intact dogs. Older dogs require less calories than younger dogs.
Generally food bag labels overfeed dogs.
The best thing is to look at your dog. As has been mentioned, feeling the ribs is important. Also, they should have a waist when viewed from the top and an abdominal tuck when viewed from the side. An abdominal tuck means that starting at the sternum, the dog's abdomen should be higher than its sternum. With overweight dogs it is a straight line or worse, sags down.
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