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I am writing this for my friend Kim. She is one of the organizers of Out of the Dog House

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Out-of-the-Dog-House-Rescue/ 208585425901723?fref=ts. I am one of the volunteers.

She is looking desperately for her boy Dexter.

Here is her ad searching for him as of 6pm, Sunday Sept. 30/12.

This is Dexter my dog, he got out over an hour ago, we cannot find him anywhere. If anyone in Ladner can help us search I would be so grateful. He is young and scared. He was last seen running down 64th street - he looked like he ran into the field and headed off toward 72nd??? I cannot get out I just had surgery and cannot drive. Any help would be appreciated.

Please keep sharing, we need a recent sighting so we have a starting point to search!

As of Wednesday Oct 3/12
I can't tell you how I feel today frown
I devastated, I have a doctors appointment this morning with my surgeon... Please keep looking for my boy 604-940-6558 or 604-816-5339

Here is her Facebook page. If you are on there and in the Ladner, BC area, Please keep your eyes out. We are working organizing another search.

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=344249639001967&set=a.20 9676232459309.48150.208585425901723&type=1&theater

I also keep a fur blog here: http://ramblingpets.wordpress.com/2012/10/01/have-you-seen-our-buddy -dexter/

I write about the journeys of my dog Blaze and my rescued dogs as well. smile

Thank you,

Blaze, Diego, Lucy's mom
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