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I've had shelties for over 30 years and was lucky enough to get a brushing lesson from the breeder of my first Sheltie. Do not brush a dry coat. There are grooming sprays available but I just mist my guys with plain water. I line brush with a slicker for most of it but use a comb in the area right behind the ears. The ear hair will mat very quickly. When I have them thoroughly brushed I use a pin brush to do an all over finish on the outer coat.

If you are not experienced in brushing Shelties I would not use a Furminator. If not used properly it will damage and break the long, outer coat. I would recommend an undercoat rake over the Furminator and actually the only time you'd really need either is when they blow coat once or twice a year. Once you get the hang of line brushing you should be able to get the job done fairly quickly and shouldn't have to brush more than once a week unless it's blowing season.
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