Raw Food Diet > Been feeding raw for a while, but is second guessing menu for some reason.


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So I’ve finally had the chance to browse around on this forum and I must say I’m very impressed with the knowledge you guys have smile . Im very glad I found this page. Although now, I seem to be doubting myself with the ratios and things of that sort. I saw the raw feeding guide from Tikka, which is just amazing… but like I said, it’s made me doubt myself now. I have always followed the 80-10-10 no veggies ratio but Ive never went any further than that and actually figured out the amounts of vitamins and minerals. I also don’t understand how you’re supposed get an exact amount of bone when feeding prey model diet? I always try to include as much variety as I can and rotate foods. I always measure organs. But as far as the meals that make up my 80% and 10% bone, I just eyeball. She’ll get a chicken ¼ one day, then tripe the next day, then a boneless roast (beef or pork), then a ground tripe/rabbit mix (because she suddenly decided she doesn’t want whole rabbit now), then something pork, then chicken ¼, then tripe. When I have access to things like veal/lamb/goat or an exotic meat, I replace either a chicken or tripe meal. (eg. veal shoulder w/bone replaces chicken ¼ or exotic meat w/o bone replaces tripe)
She seems to be thriving. Just got back blood work and everything tested good except a small elevation with the liver enzymes (for those of you who remember my previous post about that, I ended up going with an ultrasound because it was only $20 more… and everything looked normal. No fluid, shunts, masses or discolouration. YAY! The vet checked out her other organs as well while we were at it and he said she has very healthy looking organs). Anyways, back on track… what do you guys think of how I feed? Should I be doing something different?
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Raw Food Diet > Rabbit?

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I just googled this because I have never heard of it before either. It seems like its very rare though. shrug
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Raw Food Diet > Do dogs fed on the raw diet need green tripe?


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I feed 2% of my dogs weight too. Hopefully your pooch likes it! Good luck!
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German Shepherd > What to feed my GSD pup


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I feed raw to my GSD. She`s 3.5 years old right now and doing great! The breeder put the entire litter of puppies on raw right from mothers milk.

Here is a link to a good forum if you`re interested:

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Airedale Terrier > Hot Spot/Dermatitis


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Airedales and hot spots tend to go hand-in-hand it seems. The vet did nothing for my boyfriends dogs' hot spots. The shots didnt work nor did antibiotics. What you really have to look at is the food, coat condition and environment.

Food that most dogs should stay away from are corn, wheat, by-products and pretty much every grain out there. You really have to read the ingredient list. Dogs are carnivores and should be fed accordingly. (Check out the raw fed forum here) Their bodies are made for eating raw meat. If you are unable to feed raw, then you should consider switching to a high quality grain free dog food. But some dogs, even if they are on the highest quality grain free dog kibble, still have severe issues with kibble itself because it is so processed and has many synthetic vitamins and minerals added. You can also switch to a grain free canned food as it tends to be easier on the body compaired to kibble. But with my experience, raw feeding is cheaper (and way healthier) than canned food.

If your airedale`s coat is long, dirty, moist, unbrushed then that creats a place for bacteria to hang out. Also, air cannot get to the skin when the coat is in such condition. Airedales who are shaved rather than hand stripped tend to have a softer coats that grab dirt.

As for the environment, try not to use any sort of air fresheners (its bad for humans and animals), candles, harsh detergents on any surface your dog may lay on (dog beds, floors, etc.), fertilizers on your grass. Sometimes it can even be spring time allergies. The vet told my boyfriend that his dog got his hot spot from a flea bite. Then the vet procceded to check his dog for fleas and didnt find anything. His dog does not recieve any flea prevention medication by the way, and I think most, if not all dog owners know that fleas dont just jump on, bite, then jump off... fleas stick around, lay eggs and then the flea cycle begins and before you know it the dog and your house is infested.

Make sure you keep the area clean! This is most important! Its best to clean it with diluted betadine (you can get it in most pharmacies). I have made a mixture with 1 part betadine, 2 parts distilled water that works well. Stay away from peroxide and other cleaning agents that sting. Hot spots hurt enough as it is. You should also put some sort of anti itch on there to ease your dogs discomfort. Aloe vera is nice and natural. Sometimes you can also find sprays in your local pet stores, but make sure products dont have alcohol. I know Pet Valu has a few good natural products in their stores for hot spot relief.

Before my boyfriend and I met, he was following his vets advice and feeding Eukanuba (gross). His poor dog had hot spot after hot spot. But after meeting me he put his dog on grain free kibble, which helped a lot. And now, we`re switching him onto raw. I have been feeding my german shepherd raw her entire life and she does amazingly well on it.

Hope my rambeling was a little helpful! If you have any other questions, let me know!

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Dog Laws & Legislation > Cincinnati BSL repealed!

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This is awesome news!! Hopefully other places will follow also. I think people are learning that its not the dog, its the owner.
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Raw Food Diet > Do dogs fed on the raw diet need green tripe?


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I do feed green tripe as a full meal 2-3 times a week.

My Grandfather used to breed german shepherds years ago and he used to feed tripe to some of his breeding pairs. Those litters had bigger puppies who were stronger than the non tripe fed litters.

My dog absolutly LOVES tripe. snoopy I can usually get it for $1.00/lb... and sometimes $0.85/lb when I'm lucky. You can cut it into whatever size or shape you want too, so its good for dogs of all sizes. The only downfall I have found is that it smells pretty bad and it lingers on your hands unless you have gloves on, lol!

Here is an interesting webpage on tripe:

And here is an analysis:
Green Tripe Analysis
Protein 13.33%
Fat 12.75%
Crude Fiber 2.99%
Moisture 72.24%
Calcium 0.1%
Phosphorous 0.13%
Lactic Acid Bacteria 2,900,000 gm
pH 6.84
Ash 1.25%
Calories 424 cal / cup
Iron 126.4 mg/kg
Potassium 0.14%
Managnese 25.7 mg/kg
Zinc 23.11 mg/kg
Selenium 0.31 mg/kg
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Raw Food Diet > So you are interested in feeding raw ...


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snoopy bump! blue dog
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Raw Food Diet > Raw fed dog and odd liver enzyme count


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Thanks guys smile puppy
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Raw Food Diet > Raw fed dog and odd liver enzyme count

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Hi everyone! Im new to this forum but have been feeding raw to my 3.5 year old German Shepherd her whole life. She was actually put onto raw by the breeder. shock

I follow the 80/10/10 ratio. No veggies. She gets an assortment of organs (50% of organ portion is liver), chicken, beef, pork, rabbit, tripe and sometimes duck and goose. She has always been active and ready to go.

I just started to bring her to a holictic vet in my area who recommended to do a full "wellness" blood test at the same time as her heartworm test. Everything came back good except for her liver enzymes. Here are her results:

Test Result Reference Range
TOTAL PROTEIN 56 (54 - 75 g/L)
ALBUMIN 36 (31 - 43 g/L)
GLOBULIN 20 (18 - 39 g/L)
ALBUMIN/GLOBULIN RATIO 1.8 (0.8 - 1.7) HIGH ****
GLUCOSE 5.9 (3.6 - 7.0 mmol/L)
UREA 5.9 (3.0 - 10.0 mmol/L)
CREATININE 105 (30 - 140 umol/L)

I know its not a huge difference, but my new vet is advising me to get an ultrasound on her liver. I always thought that raw fed dogs have slightly different numbers than kibble fed dogs? Also, at the same time as her blood test done she did have a urinary tract infection frown Do you think the infection has anything to do with liver count? Im trying to tell myself to relax and just get it re-tested now that her antibiotics are done because that would be easier on my wallet... then if something came back again, then go ahead with the ultrasound.
Has anyone else had any issues with this type of thing?
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