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Barked: Mon Apr 2, '12 2:29am PST 
Hi everyone! I have wanted a bullmastiff for years now. (I still may have to wait for a while longer) I just wanted to start doing my research, and I figured asking people that deal with the breed everyday would be the best form of learning.

I currently have a female shih tzu and a cat and my son is 18 mo. old. I have a fenced yard (however it is only 4 ft. tall). I thought that I wanted a female but have heard that I should get a male because my current dog is a female... is this always true even if I got a bullmastiff as a pup. Would you recommend that I wait until my son is older? I would actually LOVE to rescue and am in no particular rush, however the safety of my son is #1 and I am a little leery of such a big dog if I don't know their background (not that I would ever leave him with the dog unattended either way). I hope this is making sense, I look forward to chatting with everyone and gaining new insight into this breed.
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