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Dog Health > Bailee has Lyme Disease...
Gus & Grace

Barked: Mon Dec 17, '12 9:28am PST 
I have Lyme Disease... Chronic Lyme.

I'm sorry Bailee has it frown

Gus was bitten by a tick earlier this year. I had him put on doxy - 30 days.... We stopped it at 30 days because he had no symptoms. smile

However, if he did have symptoms I would have had him treated just like a person: I would have continued treatment until 4 weeks after the symptoms stopped.

If Bailee is still having pain in his legs - I would not stop the antibiotic.

Lyme has a 4 week life cycle. So it's important to go 4 weeks after symptoms subside to make sure you kill all of it. Otherwise you may stop and any left over will reproduce and you will be back to square one in another 4 weeks.

You could also try Ledum - it works well for Lyme Disease in animals....

just my thoughts.

Pats for Bailee
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Small Dogs > *head desk*... No, she is *not* a mini Chihuahua!
Gus & Grace

Barked: Mon Aug 6, '12 1:15pm PST 
laugh out loud

This is like the other day... at the drive thru pharmacy... the pharmacist said (looking at Grace):

"Is she Maltese?"
"Yep. A Maltipoo."
"I could totally tell! I have a PB Maltese at home but he's more the size of your other dog." (meaning Gus)

I just smiled and finished then moved on.

Grace is under 6 pounds... Malt standard.

Gus is 20 pounds big laugh

That's one big fluff she's got!
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Puppy Place > Refuses to Walk

Gus & Grace

Barked: Mon May 21, '12 1:42pm PST 
Some others may disagree with this but...

How about carrying him around the neighborhood. Maybe carry him farther a little each time and let him walk home. But try to interrupt his walking home with praises and playing (bring a ball?).

If it is a safe neighborhood use a long lead so you can playfully run ahead and get him to chase you...

But I'd try carrying him around and then letting him walk home.
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Puppy Place > DILLEMMA... what would you do?

Gus & Grace

Barked: Sun May 20, '12 8:10pm PST 
Hi there,

you should register Maya at 24PetWatch.... it is free.
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Small Dogs > Raw And/or Cooked for Toy/ Small Breeds...?

Gus & Grace

Barked: Sun May 20, '12 8:48am PST 
Hi Frankie's mom,

I'm actually doing homecooked with my pups now. Grace is so picky it is my only choice.

I'd recommend getting a good multivitamin until you learn more about home cooking and raw. Just to be sure you have your basics covered.

Right now, Grace's favorite meal is baked Tilapia, steamed baby carrots, pasta (I get one with fiber and protein) with a sprinkle of cheese or cottage cheese mixed in.

Definitely read up on the home cook forum...and maybe look at some recipe books smile

Basically you want a meat, a veg, and a grain (this is optional - could be potatoes instead). Make sure to fine chop or puree the veg so they can digest it.

Grace also loves things like the baby food pouches, freeze dried fruits, and yogurt drops. Those are easy for snacks or when I have her out.

She likes yogurt, eggs, my gluten free banana muffins (for me LOL But sugar free so I give them some too), and any veg that I'm eating, I will give her and Gus bites of (barring unsafe ones for pups of course). Some of their favorite veggies: Carrots, zucchini, broccoli, green beans, peas, sweet potato, white potato, butternut squash.

I was kind of upset when I first had to home cook for her but now find it fun. So wishing you both luck smile Branch out... find other things besides the string cheese LOL...

Try some chicken, baby carrots, and potato or rice... or even a pasta (Grace really likes pasta). Drizzle it with some of the chicken broth... mmmm smile

Best of luck!
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Puppy Place > Refuses to Walk
Gus & Grace

Barked: Sun May 20, '12 8:35am PST 
Hi there,

Sounds like you have tried just about everything.

Honestly, if this were my puppy, I'd get someone in to help with this.

You said he is a nervous pup... in my experience and from what I've read - miniature poodles are not typically nervous dogs. I know my Gus is mixed with a miniature poodle, and as a puppy he was bold... quite curious.

I'd get a behaviorist in to help....You don't want to scare him more than he already is.....
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Puppy Place > Help me pick a carrier (sling)

Gus & Grace

Barked: Mon Apr 30, '12 11:44am PST 
Hi Frankie's mom,

Wanted to share my experience with carriers before you buy a pricey one online.

First: Is Frankie done growing? If not - you need to think about that. Because otherwise you will be buying a new carrier in a few months.

Second: ALWAYS size the carrier SMALLER then what it says. So if it says it fits a 10 pound dog - it will really only fit a 6 pound dog, an 8 pound dog snuggly. So just remember that when looking online. I don't know how many carriers I got for Gus with the weight limit (and measurments) being fine but ended up being too small for him. And I tried many different brands/types so it is a general rule of thumb: Size the bag DOWN from what they say, and pick the next size up for your dog.

So I'd look for a bag that holds 12-15 pounds to fit Frankie NOW.

I've never tried the Outward Hound slings. So can't review those. I will say: You get what you pay for. The most comfortable slings and carriers I've had were the pricey ones.

Think about what you want to use the carrier for. If it is just to pop him in now and then, a sling is good. If you want to have him in it for longer periods a sling might not be comfy for him for long periods. If you are doing something like using public transit, etc - he will need a carrier that can close him in.

The best sling (IMO):


Is the Fundle. It's pricey but it will be the only sling you ever buy. I actually use this for Gus and he is 18 pounds. It is comfy for him (and he has leg issues - so picky about bags) - he loves it, loves getting in it. And it doesn't hurt my shoulder. It has a clip. Gus fits in the large (won't fit with the zipper top) just as a sling..... so Frankie may fit in the Standard if he isn't going to grow much more. Measure his body - they show the bag measurements. If he is long you may want to go one size up.

Hope that helps!

Hope that helps.
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Dog Health > What IS this? Blepharitis? Mange? Please HELP

Gus & Grace

Barked: Sun Apr 22, '12 12:46am PST 
More photos:

April 9th eye photo (Left eye - still had hair on his eyelid):

April 9th eye

April 15th photo (Left eye - swelling was down a bit. Still dark red but not bright red. Skin was dry, scaly, cracked. But looked like it was healing.)

April 15th eye

Thanks again Sita.

AC was started up a few months ago so don't think it is that. My gut says it is not allergy related. Gus is an allergy dog, but he has never gotten eyelid infections or anything like this.

Usually the webbing between his paw pads will get red and inflamed, or his eyes will get yellow goop, or his Colitis acts up. But never skin issues or eyelid issues.

He had hair on his eyelids but this has slowly gotten to less and less hair and now none. My sister pointed out that the bald spot is getting bigger.

Now his right eyelid is starting - exactly like the left eyelid did.

Guess we will wait for vet.... I will try to track it with photos and get some of my sister's dog's back.

Not sure what mange (know there are different types) or bacterial skin issues look like. Never had a dog have one.

Again - gut tells me it isn't allergies. Nothing has changed for him outside of him being around my sister's dog.

But thanks so much for the help.

We see a holistic vet....so hoping she can give me something. The conventional vet in her office when we first went in didn't know what it was. Said it looked like a bite. Also mentioned that the underside of the lid (inside) was very red and puffy.


I just want him to feel better....and want to try and avoid any permanent issues.
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Dog Health > A Problem with ticks

Gus & Grace

Barked: Sun Apr 22, '12 12:00am PST 
You can make or maybe find premade a natural tick repellent:

Rose Geranium Tick Repellent

2 tablespoons vegetable or nut oil (almond oil contains sulfur, a repellent)
10 to 25 drops Rose Geranium essential oil

Combine the ingredients in a glass jar; shake to blend.
Make: 2 tablespoons with a shelf life of about six months.

Put 2 drops on dog's collar before going out.

Put drops on your clothing or skin, avoid eyes.

Not safe for cats.
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Dog Health > What IS this? Blepharitis? Mange? Please HELP
Gus & Grace

Barked: Sat Apr 21, '12 11:50pm PST 
Thanks Sita.

Gus hasn't spent much time outside. It is getting really hot here so we are indoors most of the day. Outside only for potty breaks and short morning walks.

I stay at home, and have not seen him itching. I cone him at night so he isn't doing it when I'm sleeping.

To my knowledge he hasn't been anywhere with bug treatments, etc. No diet changes. Hasn't had or been around anything new except the other dog.

He is grumpy and not himself. Wanting to be left alone (by Grace) and just sit with me. So I know he isn't feeling well. His head feels REALLY HOT.

I still find it odd that it jumped to the other eye. That one was fine up until today.

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