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Dogue de Bordeaux > slobber?

Percival- Snurflington

Barked: Thu Mar 22, '12 7:55am PST 
I agree. Some slobber more than others. We still have dogue slime on our ceiling from our first dogue, who's been at Rainbow Bridge for 3 years. Andre drools when he's eating, drinking or really excited. Percy doesn't drool much (so far), but water runs out of his jowls when he's done drinking.
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Raw Food Diet > I love raw!
Percival- Snurflington

Barked: Mon Mar 12, '12 3:13pm PST 
Hi! I'm new here. My name is Percy (Percival Snurflington) and I'm 12 weeks old. I've been eating raw since I was 8 weeks old. I just wanted to say hi to you!

So far I've had turkey legs and wings, chicken legs and backs, venison ribs & legs (Mom takes the bones away, but I get to clean 'em up first), beef liver & kidney, and today I had chicken liver for the first time! YUMMY!!!

I can't wait to be as big as my brother Andre so I can tackle him in the snow! Just wait until next winter!
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