Behavior & Training > How do you feel about invisible fences?

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Personally I hate them, if a dog sees a cat or other animal to chase they don't feel the shock of the collar because they are so hyped up, when they want to get back home they can't because they are no longer hyped up and can feel the shock.

Other animals can get into them and attack them, there are a lot of dogs that have been attacked because they don't keep other dogs out.

I once came across someone on anaother forum who used this type of fencing, she came to get advice about one of her dogs who used to bite people as they went past her property. After asking a lot of questions it seemed that this dog only bit when he had the collar on because he got a shock when he ran to the people. She was in danger of being told to pts her dog but still she couldn't see it was the invisible fence causing the problem.

They are very expensive, that money will go a long way to putting up a fence to keep your dog in, the fence doesn't have to be fancy, stock fencing will do the job and that isn't expensive. It will depend on the area you are fencing but dogs don't need a large area. Too many people think dogs will exercise themselves, they don't, the will hunt at times but are more inclinded to sleep, us humans have to make sure that they are exercised.
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Behavior & Training > About to do some serious training
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Barked: Sat Oct 6, '12 1:09pm PST 
Attempt #2

###I am new to owning a large breed, so maybe I'm doing something wrong.

Lizzie, my 4 year old Chi knew 40+ tricks before she turned 2, very easy to train (clicker trained)

Rain is a 7 month old Golden/Lab. I cannot keep her focus for even a minute. For instance, I have been working on stay with her since she was 2 months old, she will not stay for longer than 10 seconds, when I'm standing right in front of her, or when I'm a few steps back ###

First, Rain is not Lizzie, she is a different breed, been bred to do a different job etc.

As I am not interested in competing I only teach my dogs to stay for a short time, if they will only stay for 10 seconds I keep them in stay for 9 seconds so I can reward my dog for doing what I want. The surprising thing is, when I need them to stay for longer they seem to know and will. Keep the stay very short so your can reward her.

###She knew come 100% when she was younger, i could let her off leash any where, around the time she turned 5 months it just all out the window and she has selective hearing. ###

Dogs do not have selective hearing, it sounds like Rain is a teenage hooligan, this is the stage from 6 months to 12 to 18 months old, dogs are typical teenagers, they test the boundaires. Puppies are wired to stay close to their mother, which now means us, until they are mature enough to test the big wide world which is what teenagers do. Take her right back to the beginning with recall but change the word you use, it is easier to teach it to a new word than to change her perception of the one you use now. Make sure she is 101% before moving on to the next stage, in the meantime have her on a long line clipped to a harness, this will give you control but to her she will be free. Extending leads keep pressure on the dog so they know they are under control.

###She is also OVERLY food motivated, her bottom lip even quivers and its just so hard to keep her focus with food around. Should I try using toys as her reward? ###

Goldens/Labs are known for being greedy, my Lab/Collie will do anything for a game with a ball, my Staffy is the same for a game of tugger, find out what Rain will work for. We expect wages when we work, a dog's reward is their wages.

###her counter surfing is HORRIBLE. I've seen all Kikopups youtube videos and have tried them, but I must still be doing something wrong ###

By trying to train this out of her you are going against her natural instincts, the only way you can do that is to replace the behaviour with something else, the problem with counter surfing is there isn't anything to replace it with. Dolly is only 10ins high but can jump onto my counters, the other 4 are counter surfers as has been quite a few dogs in the past. I don't attemtp to train it out of them, I make sure all food is put away so they can't get any. As long as you don't slip up and forget every now and again no food out will stop them looking eventually. Dogs won't do anything unless there is something in it for them, in this case food, consistantly no food they give up eventually.

The counter surfing is causing stress for you, you have tried quite a few ways but they haven't worked, that is to be expected, all they have done is get you more and more stressed, why put yourself through that when it is so much easier to put food away. If you have children then Rain would be better kept out of the kitchen, if she isn't a jumper a gate will do this and teach the children that the gate must be kept closed at all times as well as food put away. By keeping her behind a gate you have an extra thing to stop her from getting to left out food that others have left out.

Dogs do teach us to be a lot tidierlaugh out loud
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Behavior & Training > Sandy Update- Bad News :(

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Barked: Fri Oct 5, '12 12:46am PST 
I agree with Shiver Me- Timbers- "Charlie", vets are behaviourists, they train to be vets and only pick up a little information about behaviour when working.

I don't know Sandy's history but from other replies it seems she fights with your other dog which I see is another bitch, I have 2 bitches that will fight if given the chance and had this previously with others who are not at the Rainbow Bridge. It takes a lot of hard work managing dogs when they are like this but now they can be in the same room together as long as I am there, I never leave them on their own. Bonnie had to spend 2 nights in the vets after Dolly attacked her and Tilly joined in to help Dolly, I was very lucky I didn’t come back to a dead dog.

###The vet who saw her today (came for a house call to check over some sheep) said she was very clearly a dog who had tasted a blood and could not wait to do it again and said we had no other option. I had looked into behaviorists, but the vet informed us no amount of training would fix her. ###

This show a lack of understanding of dog behaviour by the vet, of course she has tasted blood and can’t wait to have another go, it only happened that day and it takes a dog several days to come down from a high like that.

Sheep are prey to a dog, you can’t train a natural behaviour out of them but you can channel it into other things like has happened with sheep dogs but even then many will still attack sheep if they can, most farmers pts any of their dogs that attack sheep.

Yes a shock collar may work but you have to have the shock very high to work because when a dog is hyped up going for prey they shut down to everything else and is why many dogs run through the electric fences but can’t get back. Also many dogs will only obey if the collar is on but when off they continue with the behaviour.

There was a reason why Sandy attacked your other dog, you never worked it out, dogs don’t attack for nothing. How much exercise does Sandy get? I found in both cases I had that exercise helped a lot with the attacking, by increasing the physical and mental exercise helped the situation. I have mobility problems so got a scooter, this helped me with Dolly’s exercise and I was able to increase it without any problems. I increased the training and also started to teach her to dance, I played mind games with her which also helped. I also kept them separate for about 4 weeks, mainly in separate rooms but evenings I would have one in a crate and one out then swap them over at regular intervals.

If Sandy is aggressive/reactive to other dogs she would need to be muzzled but that can be improved or even cured completely with some dogs. It all takes time and work, very hard work with no let up, you can’t relax except when she is placed in a somewhere like a room or crate if there is another dog around including yours.

Any sheep near she must be on the lead, preferably on a harness with 2 leads or a double ended lead clipped to the harness and collar, this will give you more control, and of course muzzled.

No she would not have been better left in the woods, no you did not do this to her, you gave her a good home with lots of good food and very importantly love, love is the most important thing we can give our dogs. Whether you decide to let her go or not hug
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Behavior & Training > Akita issues ** answers from people who know Akitas please.**

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Your friend needs to work out why her dog has changed her behaviour first before she can work with the dog to change her round. If this is fear related taking her to training classes won't work and could make her worse.

Dogs always have a reason for a change in their behaviour, it is up to us owners to find out what caused this.
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Behavior & Training > So, what if a dog bite you?

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Barked: Tue Oct 2, '12 7:15am PST 
I haven’t seen that particular video but have seen a lot were CM torments the dogs to make them more aggressive for the cameras.

Dogs always have a reason to bite, many nervous or excitable dogs will give a bite but a full on attack is rare and usually caused by us humans. There are many ways to cause a dog to do a full on attack, like CM does before filming starts, teasing the dog, teaching the dog to attack but the main cause is lack of socialisation. There is also the dog that has brain problems, some with epilepsy will attack when they are coming out of it but many of the brain problems have been caused by humans.

In the UK many teenagers have Staffies or Staffy crosses for their “Street cred”, these dogs are under socialised and often beaten to make them more aggressive.

When a dog bites and holds it is the canine teeth that go into our skin, if we try to pull our self away from the dog we tear the skin, if we just stand we just get puncture wounds. Of course this is a lot easier to say than do.

Screaming will also make the dog worse, animals often scream when they are being killed as prey so this will excite a dog more, again easier to say than do.

If you think a dog is going to attack you it is better to drop to the ground and into a ball protecting the back of your neck with your hands and arms. Often this will be enough to stop the dog but not always so it is important you protect the back of your neck.
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Behavior & Training > My dogs just had a bad fight - please help
Dolly- Mixture

Barked: Tue Aug 2, '11 10:34am PST 

Yikes, Dolly.
It doesn't sound like your situation has been resolved yet. And it's kind of what I mean by "living as a prisoner".

I CAN leave my dogs alone, loose in the house or yard, and they don't fight.

It's taken a while, but the body language between the dogs (the boys) is now normal. For the first year Sonny was here, Snickers did not have appropriate, relaxed body language with Sonny. **

Neither Bonnie or I live as prisoners, we both have the freedom of the house and garden when mum is here which is most of the time. I attack Bonnie when she won't give up a toy that I want, Bonnie comes back at me, once mum takes the toy away there isn't a problem.

Because I have this tendancy to attack Bonnie when I can't get my own way mum seperates us when she goes out so I can't attack Bonnie. I adore Bonnie, she is always so kind to me exept when she has a toy that I want. naughty


Like I said, it's hard to believe I'd have to keep them constantly apart, considering 99.9% of the time they are relaxed around eachother, they can stay close to eachother and be given treats next to eachother without any energy change, being completely relaxed. Which is exactly why it's also hard to tell when it might happen again.**

You don't have to keep them apart forever, just long enough for their stress levels to go down, then they can be together again as long as there is someone with them. They must not be left on their own because the triggers can happen at any time or you may come home to a seriously injured or dead dog.


Not all cases of inter-household dog aggression can be resolved. This is important to remember. There is no shame at all in admitting that in some cases, it is easier to keep dogs separated. Less stress on the people in the house AND on the dogs.**

You are right Marlo, not all can be resolved, I know quite a few that couldn't, one owner opted to live with 2 dogs that tried to kill each other, her husband spent every evening with one dog and she with another. Not really a good life for anyone. Others have rehomed one dog and several are living happily with other dogs.

There are people I would hate to live with, they would drive me stir crazy so why should we expect dogs to live with dogs that they don't get on with?
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Behavior & Training > Excessive Barking/Unsociable Doxie

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Hi I am Dolly and taking over from that bull in a china shop Cyril, he is just to clumsy for words.naughty

When a dog that is running up to another stops and goes back when the other dog walks towards them or stands facing them, that is usually fear. Dogs are very good a covering up fear at times. Mum was telling me about Gracie, she was supposed to be dog friends when she came but she wanted to kill every dog she saw. She gave the impression that there was no fear involved, just a nasty dog. Mum wouldn't let her go back because she would have been pts.

One day when mum had Gracie out a dog ran up to them, for the first time in the 3 months Gracie had been with mum she showed signs of fear. Once mum saw that she was able to work with Gracie and turned her round. It took some time to do but Gracie became very good with other dogs and was very patient with pups. Gracie taught mum a lot about aggression in dogs and how to help the dog which Tilly, Cyril and I have benefitted from.

Off to see if mum has left any food out on the counters.shh
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Behavior & Training > My dogs just had a bad fight - please help

Dolly- Mixture

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Been there, done that and still have 2 that will fight if they get the chance. First you need to relax so open a bottle of wine and have some chocolate cake to go with it. The more relaxed you are the better you will deal with this.

Second some questions,
How were they introduced?
What are they fed on?
How are they fed? Are they in the same room?
How much exercise do they get?
How much training do the get?

Please give as much information as you can, the more you give the better advice you will get, not just from me but from others because it gives us a better picture.

You need to seperate them until their stress levels go down, they can be in the same room once their stress levels are down but you must be with them, they must never be left on their own again, NEVER. My 2 that are like this I even take them to the bathroom with me, when I have a shower they are in different rooms, same when I go out.

You need to watch their body language all the time, it is difficult at first but like seperating them when you can't be with them it becomes a habit, we should do this anyway even if dogs do get on.

Have Rescue Remedy in their water for a couple of weeks, it will help them relaxe which they also need to do.

Please answer the questions, mum has to deal with me when I attack Bonnie and we do live quite a relaxed life now even if Bonnie won't let me play with the rubber rings and balls. naughty
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