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I find this fearful mindset very frustrating, and have been on the receiving end of peoples "facts" all too often throughout my pet loving life.
Currently I get scorned for owning Bill who is an Akita x Mastiff.
He will grow very large, be very firm to look at, and may even set those who have an innate fear of canines on edge.
He is also however, brought up correctly with a firm boss of the household (yes, that'll be yours truly) and an expectancy to adhere to all commands i give him - so far he's doing very very well and we go about our daily business without Bill's bad behavior causing any concern whatsoever, quite simply because he doesn't show any bad behavior.
This is until you meet someone with a "fact" that they insist on sharing with you and anybody else who will listen!

"Akita's are aggressive you shouldn't bring them out in public! What is he, is he Akita? He looks strange for an Akita, what is he crossed with?"
"He's an Akita x Mastiff"
"You shouldn't own that dog, he will bite your arm off when he's bigger, he will hurt somebody, he's an aggressive dog already, look, he's starring at me! Don't come over here this man has an Akita, and it's crossed with a Mastiff, keep your child away this dog will eat your child!"

The above is a generalization of the stuff i usually hear from these crazed moronic individuals (yes these people actually walk the streets unmonitored and unattended!). At this point i usually walk away or stupidly stupidly attempt to educate these people:

"Actually he is very friendly, you are more than welcome to stroke him if you would like to. He's starring at you (i know it's because they're making a fuss and because they're setting Bill on edge with their behavior but i obviously keep this to myself) because he doesn't know you, that's all."

As you'll all be more than aware, this never ever makes the slightest bit of difference. They look at you as though you've skipped your meds and away they go.

This hasn't changed as Bill's got older, he is now 6 months weighing over 77 lbs and is quite a sight. He is still as gentle, polite, and friendly as he was when he was a tiny thing that people adored. He still obeys every word i say, and has never caused a scene albeit he has been party to a few, no thanks to the crazies. At least when he's in the 150 lb+ region they wont even bother coming over to lecture me! Ha! happy dance

Anyhow, it's the mindset of some people to portray these "facts" to whoever will give them audience, and unfortunately it is not something that can be changed for all too many of them. My own family abhor me coming to visit if i bring Bill as they too are scared of him. The reasoning behind this fear 9/10 boils down to "i was told as a child never to go near big dogs by your Gran so go take it up with her, and i taught you the very same lesson, why didn't you listen?" It's quite sad really.

Glad you convinced your friend otherwise! dancing
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Dog Laws & Legislation > Djokovic\'s pup not allowed in UK (what is this all about??)

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Sorry to hijack the thread here but i just wanted to say that some of the info here relieves me!
We're in the UK, and have never looked at the details surrounding travelling abroad with our dogs. It's nice to know that a 6 month stay in quarantine can easily be avoided, especially with the biggest hassle being the perfection involved in tablet timing smile

Also, to hear you guys talking of 'living in fear of rabid animals' is completely alien to me, i cannot recall considering the word 'rabies' let alone the effects and the associated fears people must employ when living day-to-day with those risks! I think the last time i ever herd the word was a long long time ago watching 'Old Yellow'......strange huh!

Thanks for the heads up re the planning smile
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Puppy Place > At the brink of insanity (rant)


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I see. Well i didn't mean to cause offence so maybe you could leave it as it is, a simple remark meant for humour and not offence?
In the mean time let's hope that things are working out for the best for Maya and her owner, Ramses, the Chihuahua, and of course, the Cat.
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Puppy Place > At the brink of insanity (rant)


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Barked: Tue Jun 21, '11 8:40am PST 
It certainly seems like you're feeling some serious strain at the minute!

First off; chin up. You're well, Maya is well, Ramses is well, and the Rat i presume is also well, if not yet eaten by the cat...?
Secondly; take some action. Assert your boundaries with your family and your life. Take a stand and stop people taking the p**s out of you with all of these demands. They are supposedly responsible adults too, let them deal with their own business.
Lastly; make a decision. Either keep Ramses as your own dog who you will be making 110% of the decisions for, or, deny all responsibility for Ramses, see how it works out with your parents looking after him, and if you notice things going terribly wrong then do whatever you feel is necessary.
Whether you stay living with your parents or move away is an entirely different matter, one that will have both positives and negatives in the long and short term. If freedom of choice is the main issue here, moving out will give you that almost instantaneously, yet the pressure of living alone (and it's not the same as university) will fill in where the other issue has alleviated.

If it were me, i'd move away from home taking Maya with me, leaving everybody else and their problems behind. I've been put through the ropes with my own family and have come out the other side a little more focused on my own self preservation than that of those around me.

Whatever you do to resolve and alleviate the pressure, good luck, and keep your chin up smile
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Raw Food Diet > New to raw diet, with more than a few Q's


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Barked: Sat Jun 11, '11 1:33pm PST 
Thanks for that breakdown Maxwell!
Will get onto it now reconfiguring their menu smile

EDIT: we're ordering from this website for the offal we're needing, hoping the whole rabbits and pig pluck will suffice until we find a closer supplier.

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Raw Food Diet > New to raw diet, with more than a few Q's

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It cut the last part of my post off! Ha!

Meant to say that we're feeding 2% of Bill's expected adult weight (70-100kgs) and 2% of Missy's expected adult weight (16-22kgs).

Thanks again, any comments more than welcome smile
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Raw Food Diet > New to raw diet, with more than a few Q's


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Barked: Sat Jun 11, '11 2:59am PST 
We've had the talks, weighed up the costs, and looked at the benefits of prey-model v BARF. We've decided prey-model is the path to choose for our guys smile

I have a quick question re nutrition from what we're feeding and plan to feed. I want to run it by you guys who seem more than experienced in this field!

Meats we're feeding (comprises 80% of the diet)


Offal we're feeding (comprises 10% of the diet)

Tripe (unbleached)
Lamb Hearts

Bone we're feeding (comprises 10% of the diet)

Beef Ribs & Pork Ribs
Chicken Carcasses

+ Cod Liver Oil Tablets (1000mg/day).

Daily food weights are 2% of Bill's expected adult size (
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Raw Food Diet > New to raw diet, with more than a few Q's


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Barked: Fri Jun 10, '11 4:20am PST 
Wow! Thank you so much for all your responses, more detail than i can absorb right now, but i'll be taking it all in soon enough smile

I'm leaning more towards the prey model diet, i can get my head around this a little easier - 80% meat (varieties of course) 10% bone 10% offal.
The BARF diet is similar with less variant in meat and the 'meat & two veg' notion is applied, taking offering size guidance by 100grams of meat per 10kg of dog. It makes more sense though that the nutrient offered by the veggies (and as noted by a few of you this is debatable given that the dogs' stomach is not designed to digest this food) is in amongst the meat to begin with following the prey animal eating it the first time round...no brainer i suppose smile

Thank you also for the thread suggestion, i'll get a good read on that!

NB: Bill started on Beef and Tripe (unbleached) and was doing great on these, having said that he's only a pup so doesn't really have a routine that i'm too concerned about breaking right now. We gave him a portion of minced chicken and his next 'movement' was pure diarrhea...what might this be down to? We were out running through the forest and he was showing signs of being exhausted so we stopped, he was clearly overheated too so my first thought were that his movement may be down to being overworked. He's eaten chicken mince since and has been fine on it passing normal stools.
Missy is doing great on the raw diet, so much so that she down right refuses to entertain kibble anymore! Ha!
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Raw Food Diet > New to raw diet, with more than a few Q's


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Barked: Thu Jun 9, '11 4:32am PST 
Hi, seems like a friendly forum you have here!
I've read through lots of your threads and have found some of the answers i was looking for, but not all, so i decided to create a new thread, hope this doesn't annoy you all.

We're switching our dogs over to a raw diet due to the health benefits, the lower cost, and generally the dogs' health and wellbeing.
Having read up on the pros, cons, and guidelines over the last few weeks, i've come across a few issues i can't weigh up, namely veg vs no veg.

Some text says to follow the general rule of a balanced variety of meat & two veg, this makes sense and seems correct. However, some text says to avoid veg altogether as the nutrient offered by the veg is already in the meat following the prey-animal eating the veg, damn it, this also makes sense! thinking

So, what are your thoughts on this dilemma?

Second issue, i read that chicken should be the staple meat for a raw diet, does this hold true? I'd like it to as our dogs cannot get enough of minced raw chicken!

Thanks in advance big grin
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