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Food & Nutrition > Royal Canin?

The Beast
Barked: Sun Nov 24, '13 1:50am PST 
Thanks for the response.

Yeah, as soon as she fully transitioned over to it, the poop eating stopped. Every other food she has been on she has always eaten poop, I'm not sure why this one made her stop. She does seem a lot more satisfied even though she is eating the same amount of food though. She has been very happy, except for not getting to go on walks. She has definitely been losing weight, she is starting to get a waist again. Nothing out of the ordinary like goopy ears,eyes,etc.

I agree this food is a much needed crutch right now due to the situation she's in, and it is helping and she likes it. Hopefully she will make it down to 15 lbs soon.

Over a month later we still have a bit left, but bought another bag last week since we were running low. So it's not too bad.

Even when she does get down to her ideal weight and her back heals, would this be a good food to keep her on so she can maintain a good weight and stay satisfied?
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Food & Nutrition > Royal Canin?

The Beast
Barked: Fri Nov 22, '13 8:45pm PST 
Last month we had to bring Baby to the vet because we were suspecting she was having back issues. Turns out we were right, and she has been on strict rest since then. While we were there the vet said she should weigh about 15lbs, and she weighed in at 21. The vet recommended their Royal Canin Satiety support, my mom wanted to buy it so I figured we could try it.

One month later you can tell she has been doing a lot better, and she has lost weight. She also hasn't been eating poop anymore either. She gets 1 cup per day.

Before she was on Natures Domain, she did good on it, but eating anything less than a cup per day had her running around acting like she was starving and eating poop, even with a full cup per day she still ate poop.

Do you think that this is a good food for her to stay on? Or should we leave her on it until she loses all of her weight or something? Especially now that her exercise is limited.

Thanks for your input.
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Sports & Agility > Flyball at home?


The Beast
Barked: Wed Feb 15, '12 3:02pm PST 
I have been watching videos of dogs playing flyball and it looks like something Baby would really enjoy.

Is there anyway I could make something to play flyball at home?

I know how to make jumping hurdles out of pipes, but I was wondering about a flyball box that the ball goes in.

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Behavior & Training > Trying to attack things in her sleep..


The Beast
Barked: Thu Jan 12, '12 12:12am PST 
About a month ago baby started trying to attack anything that moves in her sleep. She sleeps in bed with my sister but likes to sneak in my room. When I first experienced it I woke up to growling. Baby way laing there with her ears pinned forward growling at snoopy as he slept under the covers. (She's never had a problem until a month ago.) She would keep trying to go after him through out the night. I took snoopy out from under the blanket and baby got in his face wagging her tail but when he tried to move she growled at him.

My sister has told me baby will try to go after anything tat moves when she sleeps and last night she woke from her sleep and bit my sisters hand.

When baby sleeps with me I haven't had any issues unless snoopy is wit us under the blankets. My mom has also said baby tries to go after stuff that moves under the covers.

Last night baby jumped from her sleep and lunged for my hand when I moved but didn't bite then pinned her ears back and looked like she was ashamed she went after me after realizing it was me.

I'm starting to think shewill need to start sleeping in a crate if this continues to go on. She's been trying to get snoopy and she has already bitten my sister. And she wakes us up in the middle of the night

I think she may be having bad dreams and getting startled by movement but I'm looking for opinions and advice.

Snoopy does not sleep with my sister so I know she isn't trying to go after just him its any movement setting her off.

I again haven't had issues when baby sleeps with me without snoopy. Maybe she feels safer with me or something?

Ill try to give more info tomorrow it is late now and I'm typing this from a phone.

Thank you
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Behavior & Training > Resource guarding


The Beast
Barked: Wed Dec 28, '11 11:20pm PST 
Thanks for the response. I didn't have time to go into more detail, but Baby's behavior is more intense toward Chewy than anyone or anything else but, I still believe she has resource guarding issues.

She also guards us from other dogs if we are on the ground and the other dog comes over for a pet she'll growl. Or if another dog and her are sniffing the same object like a chair, she'll glare at them through the corner of her eye and growl.

A few months ago she was playing with my uncles dog and running around the house just fine THEN Baby jumped on the couch and the dog TRIED to jump up and continue playing Baby started snarling.

I do believe she is taking advantage of Chewy the most because of his laid back temperment and because he tolerates her, and when we are stepping in she obviously isn't getting it.

When she growls we remove her or take away whatever object she is guarding. If she is guarding something in my room I make her leave.

Just now as I was typing this Snoopy walked by the bed and she growled and walked to the edge of the bed to look for him and I went over and put her on the floor.

Also whenever she starts acting "negatively" toward Snoopy he just swings his butt in her face and the whole thing turns into play.

I am going to work on place though since it sounds like it will surely come in handy when she is getting stressed out or if someone comes to the door, etc.

But I was just wondering what if she thinks she can start guarding her place?

I don't want to make it sound like we aren't do anything we are sticking up for Chewy, but the whole resource guarding thing is making everything difficult because she is so possessive.

EDIT: She doesn't guard anything from us. I can stick my hand in her food bowl and she doesn't care.

Anymore responses are appreciated.
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Behavior & Training > Resource guarding

The Beast
Barked: Tue Dec 27, '11 2:57pm PST 
I really need some advice on Baby's resource guarding, I don't know how to deal with it and after hearing many different opinions I'm just confused and everyone in the house is starting to get annoyed and frustrated with her, while I'm trying to be patient with her, but now I'm starting to feel a little frustrated myself.

Once I have some advice I'm sure I can try to deal with this on my own and try to explain to the family what will be best for the situtation and everything.

Some people may reccomend a behaviorist, but they're really expensive and I doubt my parents will be up to it or even consider it.

Shortly after acquiring Baby she started displaying resource guarding issues. My parents are "old school" when it comes to dealing with dogs and haven't handled the situation as well as they could. At the time I was also younger and had no clue how to deal with dogs and I didn't even know of clicker or positive reinforcement training.

This is going to be pretty long and I'm going to try to give as much detail as I can.

Her behavior toward Chewy:

Her behavior toward Chewy is the most intense.

If Chewy has a toy she follows him around while giving him a hard stare with her ears pinned forward. Once she's close to him she will stand under him with her ears bck, hackles raised, and her tail twitches.

Chewy just ignores her and walks away from her, but she will continue to follow him and do that until he drops the toy or whatever he has. If he doesn't drop it quick enough she'll lunge for his face and try to snap at his chin.

If he comes into the kitchen she'll follow him around growling and try to block him off from certain areas.

If Chewy tries to come in a room she will growl and the growling will get louder and louder until she finally barks really loud and rushes at him. (That's what she does when she's on a bed)

If she's on the floor she'll walk over and block him from coming into the room.

If Chewy is licking his own food dish she'll stand there and growl and get louder until he backs off.

If Chewy comes anywhere near a bed or couch she goes berzerk. She'll snarl and get louder and louder.

Behavior toward Snoopy:

Snoopy gives Baby her space and Baby really doesnt bother him. She gives him his space and shares toys with him.

She's also known him since he was six weeks old so that may be why.

When she's outside of our home she is almost perfect. She listens she's people friendly and she plays very nicely with other dogs.
When Baby was playing with my cousins dog he had a ball and she ran to him pushed him away with her but and took the ball and everytime he tried to fetch it she would growl and snatch the ball before he could, but she didn't do anything else to him and I told my cousin to put the ball away because I didn't want the situation to escalate.

We do step in when she is behaving negatively but we don't know how to completely deal with it..I know not to punish the growling or warnings because eventually she'll skip the warnings all together and just bite.

Some people have told us to put her in a crate, but all she does is cry and then growl from the crate.

If you had/have a dog with resource guarding issues how did/do you manage it. What kind of routine did you get into them with and such?

I've also read it may be a good idea to switch everything around such as feeding areas and everything so she can't establish a "territory."

Thanks for your advice/help.

I'll try to give more info when I can and clear anything up that may confuse anyone when I have time, but my Grandparents just got here.
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Behavior & Training > Two dogs do not like eachother and my dog keeps getting blamed.(Rant/Seeking advice.)


The Beast
Barked: Thu Nov 10, '11 8:25pm PST 
Thank you big grin

Baby and Zero haven't seen eachother much these past couple months actually.

We don't force them to do anything they automatically want to greet then walk and Zero tries to start things.

My cousin does want them to get along he just doesn't know much about dogs, and is the type who would rather "play than put work into something."

Today was only the third time they saw eachother in the past few months.

Before we had them walking everday, and they slowly started becoming better, then I didn't have time to walk Baby or my cousin never brought Zero out at the same time Baby was out.

My cousin knows what Zero does because he's seen it a FEW times, but she tries to be so sneaky that he never catches it because he doesn't pay attention to what the dogs are doing.

I think we might start walking them more together.

When the greet they are both leashed, we haven't tried an off leash greeting, and if they were off leash and Zero tried to start something Baby would more than likely take her out. shh

@Mika and Kai.

Maybe that's what they need but I'm not sure. I think Zero needs to learn her lesson the hard way sometimes. We don't force them to greet eachother and we most certaintly wouldn't encorage them to fight, but on their own terms, figuring it out themselves may be what they need.

Nobody take that in a bad way or anything

They faught one time after that they were fine because Baby put Zero in her place just like that in literally two seconds, but that was like five months ago.

Also during the greetings Baby is the one who is more rigid with hackles raised, but aftr 5 mins she calms down, but that may also be what leads other to beleive she's the one who is starting things.

Durng greetings Zero kinda just stares at her and after she gets over herself they start sniffin.

Maybe tomorrow I'll video them if we walk them.
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Behavior & Training > Two dogs do not like eachother and my dog keeps getting blamed.(Rant/Seeking advice.)


The Beast
Barked: Thu Nov 10, '11 7:42pm PST 
My cousins dog Zero, a Chihuahua, I think possibly Japanese Chin mix and Baby, my dog have not liked each other for over a year now, and some people keep blaming Baby when Zero is the reason the two of them are in the situation of "We do not like each other."

They are not outright aggressive, but when they see each other the situation can seem, and/or be very tense just by the way the stare at each other and sniff, circle while greeting like they're sizing each other up.

When Zero was a pup they got a long great, played did everything around the house and so on.

Honestly I do not think Zero was well socialized with other dogs and has proven to be anything, but friendly with other dogs. The only dog she really seems to go crazy and happy for is Chewy, and I have no clue because he usually ignores her when she's around unless she starts running around.

Anyway, once Zero turned one the tables totally turned, as soon as she came over she was very "snippy" and came in like she was trying to take over the place. Baby actually did very good, and did her best to try to ignore Zero whenever she was being a little jerk.

Zero continuously tried to start fights in our home and outside, and when one of us was holding Baby she jumped up and latched onto her foot.

They had their moments when they would be playing then Zero would turn around and be trying to start another fight.

THEN my cousins moved here, which is great the only two that have problems are Baby and Zero.

At first when they moved here Zero was outright aggressive I would say. When they met outside she would show her teeth snarl, and try to attack.

Baby ignored her all the time and only snapped once when Zero jumped on her back. After Baby snapped for the first time Baby got the blame because of her "bad reputation" with being growly around kids and having resource guarding issues.

Baby is great with other dogs outdoors though and is the most friendly with other dogs of any age, size etc. I know she has her problems, but almost automatically gets blamed for something when her and Zero are together.

Now, Baby has lost all trust in Zero I believe, and Zero is now trying to be more "subtle" when she's trying to start something.

When we walk them Zero will continue to stare at Baby a she walks and if Baby tries to walk by Zero will growl very very low so my cousins or anyone else can not hear it. I'm the only tone that pays attention to what they are doing so I'm usually the only one to catch it.

Today bumped into the cousins and Zero on a walk. They both had their very stiff, rigid, sniffing, circling greeting then we went home and let them continue greeting in the street.

My cousin then started petting Zero and Baby looked over and Zero started baring her teeth, Baby then growled and they tried to go at it.

My cousin just said, "Oooh, Baby's getting mad."

And I told him "Yeah, but she wasn't mad until Zero started showing her teeth which I guess you did not see."

And he didn't say anything.

We try walking them together, but they will still try to go at a little scrap every once in a while from my experience 90% of explosions have been started by Zero.

They've only been in one fight so I just say they have explosions, because that's what they are pretty much.

Some people keep saying let them figure it out for themselves. My aunt also said that, beacuse she's also seen how Zero acts. Nobody else takes Baby's side except for me and a few other people because nobody every catches Zero or pays enough attention to see the little things she is doing to start the fights.

If Baby were the one starting things I'd point it out and "correct" her without taking sides or blaming anyon, but she isn't it's Zero.

They have also shown signs of redirecting frustration onto each other.

We were walking b a fence of annoying barking doggies. Baby started getting excited. Zero tried to go after her and Baby started growling ready to meet her head on.

Sorry about the long rant. I just wanted t get that off my chest and hopefully get some advice on how to work with them and maybe work them up to atl east being neutral around each other.

I think we should start increasing the walks together, but other then that I don't know what else we can do.

There are times when I would like to let Baby just have at her, and show Zero who's boss, but then again I'm not sure if that's the right decision.

A friend of mine told me it could show the other who is boss and help them form some kind of respect for the other, but eh...

Thanks for reading, any advice would help.
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Dog Health > Temporary plumpness? How long till it passes?


The Beast
Barked: Sun Oct 23, '11 9:08pm PST 
Thank you guys.

I walked her three times today. I took her this afternoon, but it was hot so we couldn't go very long, then I went around the neighborhood with her after dinner and just got back from one quick one. smile

It already looks like she has deflated some so hopfully she'll be back to her slimmer self within a day or two.
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Dog Health > Temporary plumpness? How long till it passes?

The Beast
Barked: Sun Oct 23, '11 5:45pm PST 
So Baby's been on a diet, and has done awesome and is noticeably thinner. She only needs to lose 2 more pounds!

We got each of the dogs busy bones last night. Baby and Snoopy had small ones and Chewy of course had his own big one.

The bone Baby had wasn't very big, but was good for her size.

They all loved their bones, but Baby looked plump after she ate the bone and still looks plump today.

She isn't acting any different, she's eating, drinking, playing and going to the bathroom normally.

How long will it be until the plumpess from the bone goes away?
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