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Barked: Mon Dec 20, '10 10:36pm PST 
I happened to take in a needy Min Pin. She was saved from an abusive home, and I have been keeping her the last few days to see if I should keep her or find her a more suitable home.

I have had her only 3 days and got her vaccines and all the essentials. She is very friendly and gets along great with my daughter (surprising as she was beaten by children).

Every thing I have read has suggested minpins are fun but very demanding "children."

I have two concerns. The first is potty traning. She has yet to hit the pee pad. Also, I have mixed feeling about keeping such a frisky dog in a crate as suggested.

Second, I am concerned that the dog will be lonely while I am gone at work. The dog follows me every where and I don't want her to feel abandoned or bored on a daily basis.

My work is dog-friendly, but dogs need to be contained. I took her to work for the first time and had to take her home. She did not want to stay in the excersice pen next to me and was too excited to settle down. Eventually, she climbed right out and I had to take her back home.

I now have a sizable canvas crate I am considering trying as she can not climb out. However, I wonder if it is preferrable she stay with me in a crate, or at home alone where she has more freedom to move?

This issue is very important. I want to provide a good life for the dog, or I need to find her a better place.

Any advice greatly appreciated....
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