Pembroke Welsh Corgi > How long 'till your Corgi was potty trained {house trained}?

Misty and- Dixie

Food, walks and- greeting people!
Barked: Fri Feb 11, '11 6:31am PST 
As I recall, it took about two months. She loved to roam around until she found the 'right' spot. We have a 'tinkle' area off our deck and a doggie door so I kept taking her down there until she 'got it'. They are very intelligent dogs and like to learn.
She may tinkle in the house upon rare occasions which means she is not feeling well. A good thing, actually, bec that alerts me. dog
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Pembroke Welsh Corgi > Teething or naughty?
Misty and- Dixie

Food, walks and- greeting people!
Barked: Sun Jan 17, '10 1:41pm PST 

The best advice is to go to Cesar Millan's website-http://www.cesarsway.com/ - and grab the info you need to train those habits out of your puppy.
Corgis can be nippers bec they herd but that does not mean they should bite. My Corgi will lightly nip my heels or kiss my toes but that is as far as it goes. I also have a book on Corgis that was helpful. The are very smart and are easy to train. They are a delightful breed. Misty is my second Corgi. My first, Amber, passed away a few years ago, the smartest dog I ever had. She could read my mind!
Hope this helps..Karen
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