White Shepherd Dog > any white sheps out there?


Barked: Tue Nov 10, '09 9:42pm PST 
I adopted my dog Akira from the Houston SPCA last June and I have been very curious to find out what kind of dog she is. After looking at many photos on various websites, I found that she really looks (and acts) like a White Shepherd. The only issue is that the SPCA claimed that she was 8 years old when for one she acts like she is 2 (lol), and the other one is that she is only 38lbs. I saw that on all the information that the White Shepherd dogs were anywhere between 75-85lbs. I wanted to show you guys a photo to see if you know what she could be mixed with. Or if she is just a really young dog. She is about 18 inches tall and 3 and a half feet long. She also loves to cuddle : )
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