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Barked: Mon Aug 17, '09 1:02pm PST 
Hi Casey,
I wanted to write to you and tell you that my black chow has had two seasons of severe itching and biting. My vet had her on the cortesone and an allergy tablet. He said I have to go on Atopica because she is diagnosed with "Atopica Dermatitis."
I can't afford the medication but I love her so much I hated to see her suffer (which is approximately 5 months out of the year). I did order Skin-Eze after reading 167 testimonials on various forums and the Skin-Eze website. I gave her several oatmeal baths before starting the pills and it's now day six. She doesn't itch anymore, sleeps like a baby and is so alert and vibrant again. I have seen no side effects or change in behavior.
I prayed day and night before receiving the pills that this would be the answer. I gave her the 4 + 4 tablets twice a day and rolled them in a piece of bread with cream cheese. She adores the treat too.
I spent $30 for a month's supply and I truly feel it's much safer for her. I did purchase a very good air filter machine for my living room and kitchen, and I run the a/c whenever possible for her.
I know it's not every dog's answer, but I am sure glad I gave it a try.
Good luck with Casey,
Sambuca's Mom
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