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Choosing the Right Dog > Tugging At the Heartstrings...

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Barked: Fri Oct 30, '09 9:07am PST 
Thats actually a really interesting idea....
I will talk to hubby about it, and to my friend and see what we can figure out...
I'll keep you all posted!!
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Choosing the Right Dog > Tugging At the Heartstrings...

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Barked: Fri Oct 30, '09 8:12am PST 
Hello everyone at Dogster,

I am a guest here, you may have seen me snoopin about, as my hubby and I have been looking into a BMD (you can see me posting below about it)

Yesterday I went to visit a friend who has a pitt bull mix (honestly the sweetest dog youd ever meet) and was babysitting her aunts black lab.
He was really kind, a bit clumbsy... looked like he had a much smaller gate than most labs I have met, more like a flat coat retriever with short hair...
She tell mes that her aunt, who left him there to go on vacation, wasnt a dog person at all. They never take him on walks, give him a bowl meant for a small dog, with no elevation for his neck, and portion wise the same. He has had no training, he is locked in their conservatory day and night basically... Upon hearing this I told her why dont you take him??
She is far too busy at the moment with her one dog and 1 year old daughter which I understand but it really tugged at my heart strings.

he was just so sweet. He rolled over on me and I could see his belly was almost bald which I thought was really strange. I was wondering if this is down to poor diet/stress?
A part of me wants to take him home this moment (my friend told me her aunt doesnt want the dog at all and has tried to shove him on her many times, but doesnt think anyone else will take him as hes 2 and not a puppy) but we have been so much time and consideration into BMD's my husband and I think we should stick to our plan...

What should I do? How can I help this sweet tempered dog who is living a neglected sad life frown

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Choosing the Right Dog > Bernese Mountain Dog

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Barked: Wed Oct 28, '09 5:47am PST 
Hi there,

I am currently in the process of getting BMD myself.
Best thing to do is find a club in your area. Thats how I found my breeder, after speaking to their secretary, writing emails, talking on the phone... it's worth it for you and for them.
I see youre in Hawaii, and lol seeing as I live in England I cant give you any immediate names but ill google it for you.

I found a rescue in Hawaii:
here is the email link to the person in charge
If anything they can also redirect you to any breeders they may know, unless rescue is an option for your friend

good luck to your friend, pugs and BMDs seem like far off choices from the other but i know BMDs are simply wonderful beautiful animals.
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Newfoundland > Need HELP with aggressive Newfy!!!

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Barked: Fri Oct 23, '09 3:23am PST 
I feel bad for this poor Newfie.
hes still a puppy and wants attention like his parents human baby does
I understand the dream of having a dog grow up with your child (I have a 2 1/2 year old, and am only NOW searching for a dog for the family) but honestly you dont really have the time or patience for these things when you have a human infant as well

Sounds to me it was all very poorly timed
and the poor puppy is getting the brunt of it.
If hes seeking attention, maybe more vigorous exercise (and mom should like being able to shed the baby weight along with it wink )
Perhaps a doggie backpack to make it more challenging?
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Puppy Place > Pregnant Dog, not mine but...I feel I should help somehow.

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Barked: Wed Oct 21, '09 1:51am PST 
my heart goes out to you in this situation.
i would really hope you personally could help because you love her so much...
I am a dog novice when it comes to pregnancy and mummies (i had 2 male dogs) but do you think perhaps she was a bad mommy the first time round perhaps because she was uncomfortable in her surroundings/situation?
Maybe shed be a much better mother if she was in a calm stable enviroment?
I wouldnt give up on her just yet
Please, please let us know what happens to Dusty and her pups

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Choosing the Right Dog > Ok, I have to ask ....

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Barked: Wed Oct 21, '09 1:32am PST 
Ive even seen an english bulldog/poodle cross

its odd and it seems this poodle hybrid fetish is getting a bit out of control!!
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Choosing the Right Dog > Getting a dog in nursing school?

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Barked: Tue Oct 20, '09 2:30am PST 
Dear Guest,

Coming from a guest, I understand your impatience to get a dog.
and the best thing is, there will always be puppies around, when the time is right for you!
I dont think if youre living on loans on only slightly supported by your parents you are ready for the financial dependency the dog will have on YOU
its like previous posters said, its vet bills, puppy classes, supplies, food, medicines....I live in the UK so I think in pounds but on my search for a dog the initial cost to get a house ready for a puppy was around £250
Thats more than half of the money your father sends you.
And it wont just stop there.
I dont want you to think I'm attacking you, I understand your passion and need for canine companions and I myself have been waiting for the right time to bring a dog into my life again for 4 years....

Wait till you have a steady paying job, look to see if you have the TIME to care for a small dependent puppy...
and until then, there are plenty of ways to spend time with dogs without taking one on yourself.

This is just my opinion and I hope all goes well with you.
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Choosing the Right Dog > Ugh, Feeling So Low

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Barked: Sun Oct 18, '09 1:06am PST 
I am feeling pretty angry and down beat at the moment. I had found a nice breeder of straight backed german shepherds who said I could take a look at her dogs, and then just gave me the brush off!!

I had to chase her up twice only to hear she didnt think my family and I would be qualified for one of her dogs because she didnt think we had a big enough garden (of which she has never seen, and i explained we are actually living smack dab in the middle of 2 large parks, and 10 minutes walk from the beach) and for the fact I personally have never owned a german shepherd....
I understand her concern but if you can never start how can you ever meet those qualifications?
If every breeder said to me "No, youve never had one, youll never get one" is there any point?

I love dogs, and surrounded myself with them most of my life...Now that Ihave my own family I wanted to bring that joy to them...but this experience really got me down because she made me feel like a complete idiot for even ringing her up...

Sigh, sorry for the rant. I was just really looking forward to getting to know her animals and develope my understanding for german sheperds further. And she couldve been upfront much earlier on instead of having me chase after her for weeks.
red face
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Irish Setter > Advice on the Irish Setter breed

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Barked: Thu Oct 15, '09 3:56am PST 
oh and, about their training:

Both went to puppy classes and did really well. We trained with the clicker method and unless theres a creek involved, they come when called hehe
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Irish Setter > Advice on the Irish Setter breed

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Barked: Thu Oct 15, '09 3:54am PST 
Hi there!
I grew up with two beautiful Irish Setters, Danny and Luke big grin
They were both so different in personality its hard to say whats the norm almost :-P
Generally they were active dogs, taken for long walks several times a day - they were exitable, friendly, and cheerful!
They have a wicked sense of humor and will parade your underwear around the house and anything else personal of yours from the trash can! ahah

Danny was the alfa dog of the two and was alot more fiesty and demanding. Whereas Luke, my favorite, was super sweet and gentle hearted. He assumed he was a lap dog and always found time to cuddle smile

Over all they are beautiful dogs, but be prepared to exercise them plenty, have time to groom their lovely coats and expect alot of irish flair!!
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