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I remember when we were looking for a dog. We saw a German Shepherd pup through Pet Finder that was at Forever Friends Animal League-they wanted $650!! For a rescue? Oh please-spotted it was a scam from the get go. I'm only looking up the facility because I heard a blurb on the news tonight that she's been shut down. Something about the ASPCA, or another group, going to their place of business and it was closed (someone didn't show up for work) with all the pets inside. They were taking the animals out and bringing them to another shelter. I am sorry for everyone that had to deal with her-how disgusting. We wound up going to Unleashed rescue in Mission and getting 2 pups (at a fraction of the cost of what this woman was asking for one). If you're looking for a furry family member, check out unleashed-they are really outstanding.
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