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Barked: Sat Apr 12, '14 10:47pm PST 
Well I don't know if this even relates to you but I will share an experience. My grandparents purchased a beautiful show dog, Collie, who had a similar problem. He took to my grandma right away but my grandpa took a few months to get used to. Even after two years of having him there is certain things we call triggers that no one really believes until they see it. Whenever a male is wearing a tie he freaks out and is terrified, I believe it is because the owner before was a little cruel and would put on a tie prior to the show. Also there is a perfume, which causes him to shake like a leaf, again I think this is because it brings him back to a fearful dog show state of mind. We just started offering food with a tie on and relating it to positive things.

Also, as humans we tend to try and find a logical solution so maybe it might have had nothing to do with your clothes that just was what stuck out in your mind. I think time will tell and help pinpoint the true issue. Sorry if this didn't help much.
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Behavior & Training > HELP A. Akita won't stop humping certian male dog

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I have talked to a "trainer" who told me it was the breed and tried to convince me to pay hundreds of dollars for a "puppy class" so please don't just tell me it is because it is an Akita.

So this problem is very weird to me. My 10 month old American Akita, Zeus, will not stop humping a CERTAIN male dog. I go to the county where my grandma has 3 dogs, a 5 year old male Collie (Lance), female Westie and 8 year old male Lhasa Apso/American Eskimo (Bosco) .

The Alpha in her pack is Bosco, all dogs understand this including Zeus as he has never tried to challenge him for alpha. BUT Zeus will non-stop try to hump Lance the collie, Lance is well behaved so he does everything he should to show Zeus to stop - growl, show teeth, attempt to move away but Zeus doesn't care. One time after what I would say was 10 seconds of warning Lance turned to snap and fight yet Zeus didn't care ...he ran upstairs then 5 minutes later back to the humping. I have brought him around lots of other dogs because I know the importance of socialization.

I have tried making him sit BEFORE the humping begins as I can see it coming then rewarding the good behavior with high value treat. I have tried having a lead on Zeus and correcting him right before he jumps on him which has lead to him NEVER doing it if I am in sight or the minute I give a verbal correction. But the minute I am not around Zeus tries to hump. I just want to know why he does it to the dog who is clearly submissive and how to let Zeus know I do not want this to happen EVER. Also might sound weird but this only happens in the day, at night I have occasionally put Zeus to sleep with Lance and they lay together and sleep in peace. (which lead me to believe it was because Zeus was too after a long run when he was fully drained he still tried to hump)Zeus gets enough exercise and has daily training so I know mental/physical stimulation is not lacking.

Any help would be amazing. Thank you for your time.
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Behavior & Training > Opinion on Open Fencing


Barked: Fri Mar 28, '14 4:37pm PST 
I have an American Akita who is extremely dog reactive as well. I ran into the same problem at night, I was walking and didn't see the chain link fence on the corner lot but got met by a massive GSD barking - almost gave me a heart attack. I was angry and told the owner the next day she should have something like you spoke of on her fence....but my answer was "train your dog a lot better" then she went and got the GSD who was friendly now that the owner was around. So I guess it all boils down to the fact we can't control what other people do, so have to prepare our self and our dogs for the people that think its their property so their rules.
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Behavior & Training > housebreaking help


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" He marks instead of peeing on one go and that is a mayor reason why i can't teach him to behave inside because he had been holding it to mark abd when he comes back he pees. It had only happenes twice after istarted training and only because i have been taking him out and keeping him tethered and confined to a my room. "

that is very hard to understand, if you elaborate on the problem I can try to help you solve it. Are you saying he only marks on the walks and never fully empties the bladder? And in return empties it when you get home inside the house? How are you "house breaking"?
Also you said it happened twice in 45 days? or twice since you had him?
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Behavior & Training > A. Akita distracted with all other animals how to prevent????


Barked: Fri Mar 28, '14 1:56pm PST 
I have a 9 month old American Akita named Zeus. I did all my research on the breed and started obedience training day one he came into my home. I just am having one problem when ever there is any other dog around I am no longer in existence.

75% of the time I can get him to sit and stay when he spots another dog but he NEVER takes his eyes off of the other dog OR completely ignores me and stands at my side. Even if he will heel his head is always in the direction of the other dog or where he last spotted him. I got him to stop lunging and be calm but can't seem to get him to "Watch" me not other dog. I don't expect him to not look at other dogs but he does it for the whole block as if when he loses eye contact the world is over. The two neighborhood dogs he knows I do not encounter this issue with.

I have done distraction training with other dogs he knows and he is just fine, it is only with dogs he doesn't know when I encounter this problem. I spoke with a local trainer who told me it is just in his nature to be aggressive to other dogs with small ones being considered prey and almost impossible to eliminate but I don't believe that because he isn't meaning to attack them (especially cause he is only 9 months) just watch their every move.

So my question is how can I get his eye contact or attention. Also I have tried to use treats, even chicken which is the Golden reward and still nothing. When we are on a walk he wants nothing to do with any food reward is this because he is having anxiety or just being super stubborn. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Akita > Too perfect so far....??

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To start I have been around dogs my whole life, I researched for months before picking an American Akita. The breeder was hesitant but when I told him about my research and how my grandma has an acre of land, has/breed dogs for 30+ years he finally let me get Zeus! Lastly, my job gives me 6 months off every year which is perfect and when I am on my 6 months on my dog will come with me no matter where I go. I also plan on becoming a dog behaviorist and love my puppy to pieces.

The first day I got him he was scared to death of me and snapped at me a few times (he was 8 weeks), after that it just seems too perfect. I am just curious when will things change and what can I do to help keep them the way they are going based on other people's direct experience.

After just under a week I had Zeus crate trained and knows to only whine early morning when he needs to go out, despite what people say I take him out at about midnight for the last time and he is fine until morning 7-9am and has had no accidents to date - just once he sprinted to the door and I was too slow and he let a little out. But my know it all neighbor said that's cruel and no puppy will pee in his bed but that doesn't mean I shouldn't take him out every 4 hours to prevent bladder this true??

It has been just over 5 weeks now and I thought him all the basic commands (sit,down,come - sometimes roll over). His best friend is a 13 week old Westie pup who he sleeps with for a few days out of week when I am in the county. I plan on getting him on a beef tripe/kibble diet within the next 2 months.I just want to keep him so well manned into adult hood to ensure no unwanted aggression or anything that I can prevent occurs besides the socializing which he gets from my grandma's large and small dog plus puppy and family/friends and strangers on walks. I often get him to carry my water bottle, I don't know if it is a good thing but he seems happier then ever walking down the street with it. I think maybe because it is cold in his mouth.

The only thing I would like to change is every day without fail he poops on his walks....right on the sidewalk without warning - sometimes well walking!!!!, I move him to the grass and praise him but is there a way to get him to say "hey slow down I have to poop".

Also not to me or my family does he show any food aggression (he literally chews one end well the Westie chews another end of the same bone...even though they each have their own) but one day a random person went up to him on the porch and tried to take his bone well I was working on the car because he was "so cute and harmless looking" but he damn near took their hand off. They still thought it was cute but I got upset told them off and was honestly shocked. I know they can be an aggressive/protective breed but is it normal for that to start at only 13 weeks? Sorry for the longest post in the world.
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