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We decided, after finding out the large sores on our cat were due to allergies, to get both our puppy and cat off kibble. Plus, I wouldn't eat dog food so I don't want to feed it to my baby. (I do not in any way disagree with others feeding their babies kibble just my personal preference.)
I want to feed my Weimaraner a home prepared diet but I am being overloaded with all the random, completely contradicting information out on the web.
So my concerns:
-She is a 4 month old Weimeraner
-I know large breed puppies need a different kind of diet than smaller breed puppies but does that only extend to the calcium they are supposed to receive?
-will she need supplements?
-I want to keep it cooked with having 2 small mischievous children around
-what is the best possible diet I can feed her?

I am pretty intent on this kind of diet.
So can anyone help me?
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