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Because most of us who are seasoned SD handlers or trainers are muted by a forum because of valid truths and actual references to law is made. When your attacked for just telling it like it is, this can be a very frustrating place to be.

Please note I am not referencing all, this is just what I have heard from fellow SD users
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My SD is a mix of boxer, bulldog, flat coat, and great pyrenees. But she has a majority of boxer in her. She is very playful, even in her tasks, picking up my keys or shoes is definitely the best game ever, which you will find incredibly useful and a wonderful asset when you don't need to carry treats everywhere. However, they do require more management. This is just something you will need to work on.

Now would be a good time to carry around high reward treats and offer them at a particularly sharp response to a command. Bring your keys, a pen, an extra leash, and if she has a good retrieve ask for that and reward high with cookies

Extra attention on her part towards other dogs or a refusal to perform will earn penalty yards. This can mean different things to different people. Some may refer to it as doodling (but I tend to think this implies a softer approach). With penalty yards, command her attention, walk briskly in the other direction then suddenly pivot and walk briskly in another direction. Let her hit the end of her leash, it won't hurt her you shouldn't be jerking the leash around, just keeping it at your side.

Ask for a sit, down, watch me, anything, and then just keep walking. When she is doing very well, reward high! She worked hard for those cookies! and make it seem like she just made the best thing ever happen.

For playful dogs the consequences have to be swift and careful, not harsh or they will shy away, but redirecting of their attention, and those rewards have to be BIG, but a little hot dog will suffice and a "Brilliant Lady!!" will count big grin
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