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Smith and Wesson (brothers,Catahoula/black mouth) are true hunters. They hunt every second of their lives. Raised with Elk, white tail,Chinese deer and many other large game on a 1500 acre high fence hunting ranch in southeast Oklahoma. True to hog hunting and competitive bay champions. Boys first competition at 7 months old they became champions beating out hundreds of different breeds.

We just wanna talk about anything hunting related. Introduce yourself
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Catahoula Leopard Dog > Help: Six Month old female with serious prey drive

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First off thank you for opening your home and heart to a Cattahoula.

The MOST important thing you need to do is establish dominance becoming the pack leader is VERY important. You cannot allow them to be equal to you in any way Example:sleep in bed, lay on couch etc. I know that is hard cause we just love them so much but If I want to cuddle with my dog I go to the ground and lay with them. But if I lay with one dog I gotta lay with the others because dogs are very jealous and have resentment. Which can form into aggression.

Second MOST important thing is training and working with them. As a pack leader your voice and gestures and vibes is what they follow and react to. Take all your pack to the fenced yard for "play time" and let them go. Stand in the middle of the yard and observe stay quite let them do there thing mark territories, potty break etc.. Stay calm and relaxed and enjoy the air. After a few minutes once they get all there "duties" done that's when the fun begins. Look for a dog with his tail up continuously that shows a sign that he is at at guard and can show aggression at any time. Walk with that dog giving them a little distance member stay calm and relaxed you can handle any situation. Also keep in mind your (king/queen) of the pack. Once he does something u don't want him doing correct him but use one specific word with a proper tone. Tone is everything! Soft tone for little petty problems and raised voice deep tone for high priority problems. My high priority word is The dogs name then LEAVE IT!! In a slow, deep Stern country voice. Once I say that word everything stops even my fiancé stops what she's doing cause she knows one of them messed up pretty bad. Lol... Then go to the dog put a leash on and make him sit by u for a few minutes while he gets to see the others having fun. After 5 minutes or when u think he is ready let him go have fun. Stay consistent!!

I'm a search and rescue dog handler, I hunt with dogs and work my dogs on the farm pretty much do everything with my dogs. So I taught myself how to work with them and teach them how to work and they are amazing.

I have 2 brother cattahoulas named Smith and Wesson . They are the Most impressive breed of dog I have ever owned hands down. Amazing, active and loyal. They can be city dogs u just have to train them how u want them. My dogs will go from hunting down and killing a coyote then come home lay next to my bed by my fiancées yorkies with not one problem. That's cause we're a pack and we all love and protect each other.

I have a ton of info don't hesitate to ask if you have a question. If I don't know the answer I can find one. Good luck and keep us posted on how the progress is going.
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