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Hi all - this is my first time on this site, and I could really use some help. My dog Lola is 14.5, (I got her when I was 13, 14.5 years ago -- needless to say I am very attached!) She just had a dental procedure done and I elected to have an ultrasound before just to be sure everything was okay. They found a 3 x 3 cm mass in her spleen. They are unable to say whether it is cancerous or not unless they actually remove the spleen and biopsy the mass. But regardless they explained that even a benign mass can cause the spleen to rupture - which would become a life-threatening emergency. I am wondering if anyone else has ever had an issue with a splenic mass before, and whether they elected to have the spleen removed or not. I'm nervous to leave it in with the possibility of rupture, but also nervous to put her through another operation... Please let me know your thoughts if any. Thank you!
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