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We have a small hobby farm where we produce our own meat/eggs/dairy/veggies/fruit (the whole shebang)

I'm getting very frustrated with the commercial diet for our dogs. I am interested in the Prey Model diet. I have 4 dogs *and a fifth staying with us temporarily*

4 mo old Texas Heeler (adult weight between 35, 45lbs)
1 7 year old Doberman/Bernese cross (45lbs should be 50lbs)
7 mo old Black Russian Terrier (adult weight approx 90lbs)
3 yr old walker hound 40lbs
4 yr old spanielX 20lbs

By my calculations these dogs would need to consume just shy of 3000lbs of food in a year. I am curious what they break down should be. I am able to give them home made organic yogurt as well. Should I? I can give them eggs. Should I? How many? I can give them chickens of varying ages, rabbits, quail, duck (cheapest thing to raise), and cut offs of beef/veal/goat/lamb. We raise all of these things ourselves.

Would I do well to give them a light breakfast in the mornings... say, a touch of yogurt with an egg. And feed them a bird proportionate to their requirements, fasting one day a week? If I am fasting, do I calculate the 2-3% daily as the total week (say a 100lbs dog gets 21 Lbs in a week, would I just divide it by six?)

I'm lost, and concerned for their health. I would like to raise food for my WHOLE family, not just the people family. They already get plenty of scraps.
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