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Dog Health > Poor dog has chf can't breathe is he suffering?

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I hope it is not too late to respond. My dog died on January 10, 2013. He was in four meds twice a day. The cardiologist told me he had two years max to live once diagnosed. He had a vitral valve problem. CHF...enlarged know the symptons. Don't medicate him on your own. He died gaspin for air after fainting for the last time. He relieved himself and choked..couldn't make it to the vet clinic on time...he had eaten, played and walked fine all day. Coughed a little but the vet had assured me he was not in pain and was not time to put him to sleep. I didn't. At least he died in my arms and I know he is in heaven. Seeing him die though was very painful. Tell him how much you love him and is ok to go at the end...he'll understand. Wanda
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