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Pomeranian > Confused about "triplecoat" Pom being legit? It is.

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My Little Pomeranian is definently a "triplecoat" she actually does have two undercoats which makes it difficult for my groomer. My poor groomer looks like she shaved a lamb when she's done JUST brushing my 71/2 lb Pom. My daughter has a full blood Pom, my sister has one. I have two and I know for a fact that there's a astronomical difference in fur. When I purchased mine I didn't care or know what triplecoat meant so they didn't use it as a ploy on me. My groomer would testify to the double undercoat as she does many poms and only small breeds period and mine is the only one that takes up an entire afternoon in brushing alone. Keep in mind she is only around seven lbs!!
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