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Hello, I am new to the forum and fairly new to the raw diet. I apologize in advance if this topic has been discussed already. I have a 5 year old male Dobermann who is a Schutzhund dog, and an 8 month old female Caucasian Ovcharka. I get frozen blocks of ground chicken backs and necks and frozen mixture of whole fish/whole chicken/turkey liver and eggs which is their main source of meat. To the meat I add fruits/veggies (mixed frozen pureed) cottage cheese, yogurt, eggs and basically anything that i can find that is on sale (i dont add these into every single meal but alternate between ingredients). In addition i have a supply of meaty beef bones, and sometimes will give them beef, lamb, whole chicken, rabbit and pork as well as any left overs i may have. Occasionally I will add cod liver oil and kelp.

My question is, do I need to add any supplements to their diets?
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