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I have 4 siberian huskies. 2 @ 7 yrs, brother and sister and her two pups who are now 4 yrs in Jan 2013. Uncle Tundra has always been big but is now almost 35 inches paw to shoulder, whilst his sister, mum of the pups is approx 29kg. Tundra now weighs almost 50kg, not lbs but kgs. His sister also is now overweight following her litter. She has always been tiny but following spay got an infection where her scar and tummy went really lumpy and ulcerated, She's now gained lots of weight.
I previously had a husky for over 20 years, before progressing to 4 of them. My first husky died at the early age of 12 due to multi organ failure from cancer.
My pups are still both within the 20 to 25kg range, despite being 4 years, and to add all 4 of them have been spayed or castrated.

They are exercised between 4 to 5 miles each morning. otherwise sedentry. Fed on Purina Pro Plan Performance as this is great for their coat,. Were recently on two feeds a day, but now reduced to one for the last 2 weeks. My big boy was having 2 feeds a day at 150gms each feed and all the others 2x 100grms a day (dried). Have tried light proplan before, and senior, however this did nothing. Both my older ones appeared to have gained weight, their only treats are winalot shapes and carrots, and on occassion rawhide chews. They are not ill and appear happy, but just extremely fat. I would be very grateful for any advice. Ange
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