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We have a got a good ole' girl (12 people years old)mixed, 14 pounder. I stopped interacting with her because my spouse spoiled her to the point where she was just unattractive to me. She left her presents throughout the yard (front and back), went to and jumped on anyone who came to her, and basically became a person in the house. She was never taught to play with toys or anything. If the spouse isn't there, she just "lays" about. This dog - even for her age - should be more active.
Anyway, we moved out of our house and into an apartment recently, which meant the dog would become more my responsibility. I took it on under the condition that she would be trained to be a "dog" again. To date, she walks on a leash, her food and water are regulated, she goes to the bathroom on a schedule (and when she goes, she goes after eating and does her business within 10 minutes). Her walks are separate from her poo moments, so she does that in the afternoon, And - here's the biggie - She's crated! It took a month or so, but she's doing great, but here's the problem: The moment my spouse comes in, the dog tries to revert to what worked for her previously - whining, fighting the lease, having to be told over and over to go to her crate, etc. I meet the challenge, and I've even convinced my husband that we have to stay on the same page, or else everytime she reverts back to old habits, but she and I are frustrated in having to start over again.
At her age, do you think this is as far as she will go with her new training/lifestyle? Are dogs way smarter than people give them credit for? And is it me, or does this dog know with whom she can get away with stuff?LOL
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Right now my girl, "Schnoopy" is 11-12 years (I found her she looked less than a year). She's been human since coming into our home, which has been horrible for me, but since we moved into an apt, she's learning how to live a more structured, organized lifestyle - in a crate, even!smile
Anyway, here's what is happening. When she goes to the bathroom now - either peeing or pooing - she'll turn around, and with her nose, start covering up the area that she "made" in. The first time she did this was when we put her in her crate. It was wierd, because we'd never seen her do this before. She'll rub her nose along the ground, and won't stop until she covers up her mess. In the crate, she did it before lying down and getting comfortable.

Has to be instinct kicking in, right? She has NEVER done it before!!smile
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