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Dog Laws & Legislation > Snare traps set can kill family pets beware.

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Wanted to give pet owners the heads up. Recently while walking in the woods on a open well traveled trail, I was caught in snare trap fell and was injured (slightly, more shocked) My friends had a hard time releasing my foot only because we didnt know what it was. Afterwards I called wildlife protection and was informed that in N.J. trappers can take a class, and as long as they have id numbers on their traps they can set anywhere on public property. These traps were hidden in slightly weeded area in path. strong cable wire secures to roots and looped in hangmans noose, at dogs head level, once your dog or cat walks through it catches around their neck and tightens too a 3-inch loop the more they struggle the tighter it gets. Thank goodness, I didnt have my dogs with me that day, I will no longer walk in areas I dont know well, my dogs are always leashed and would have put their heads into loops and would have choked to death in front of me, because I wouldnt of known what to do, supposely you can release, but would be very hard if dog is struggling. Carry wire cutters heavy duty pair. Research animal traps, learn how to release. Animals die everyday in traps. And Iam sure if found by hunters they tell no one.
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