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Hi everyone, I have a one-year-old female labrador retriever called Ruby. She's a great dog, and loves playing with other dogs. We recently got a golden labrador retriever puppy (he's 10 weeks old). His name is Finn and he's really calm and has a lovely nature. Ruby also has a lovely nature, but she's quite excitable and likes to play A LOT. My worry is that they really don't seem to like each other very much... Ruby won't let Finn near either me or my sister, and if he does approach us she gets very jealous and starts barking into his face, biting (well, not biting down, just nipping). Also, Finn is growling at her when Ruby comes anywhere near her. Ruby will give up and go off and lie down, but Finn will then go over to her and start trying to hump her, so she snaps at him. It seems to escalate then - neither dog has actually bitten the other, but I'm really worried that we've made a terrible mistake in assuming that Ruby would love a companion... I'd be delighted for any advice anyone could give us. Thanks!
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