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I know exactly how you feel. My 4 year old mini had back surgery on 12/27. He dove off the couch - even though there are stair for him - and immediately screamed in pain. I immediately rushed him to the vet. Our vet sent us ove to an animal hospital that has a state of the art surgical center. he was in surgery within 8 hours slipping the disc. He has been home since the 31st. At first he was urinating on his own, but is not anymore. I have been taking him over to our vet's office for his bladder to be expressed each day. They just put him on some medication that is supposed to help, but so far he has not urinated, but h also has not had much to drink or eat today.

He does have deep pain sensation and was at one point waggin his tail. I don't know if that was voluntary or not. I am doing the range ofmotion excersizes with him and can feel a little resistance in his right side. I know this is going to be a long road and I am heartbroken and totally freaking out. I have read that after they get the stapled out, they start to do better. I am not sure if this is true, but it makes sense.

Please keep posting updates our your little one, and I will so the same. it might help to have someone else going through this at pretty much the same time. he can drag himself, but today he has seemed a little depressed. Maybe the pain patch is wearing off???
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