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I realize this topic is several months old, but I think the dog we just adopted is a Plott hound. He is the most lovable dog, but then when I take him outside he goes crazy to get a hold of a cat or squirrel. He attacked our cat in the house today. He almost jumped on top of the fridge. Yes I said the fridge! Then he jumped on the washer to get the cat. He shook him like a rag doll. I think the cat is going to be ok, I don't know since we can't afford to take him to the vet. No bleeding and he did get up and walk a few times. Anyway, back to "Arrow", he chased a cat and I swear that dog jumped higher than my full size truck to try and get up the tree. He is totally different when he is outside compared to inside. He hates being alone, the first time I left him in our apt, he tore up the blinds, the carpet and the door molding. I tried crating him, but he barks constantly and that does not work in a duplex apt. I am going to have to send him back to her rescuer/foster mom in Florida. I am heart broken, I wish I had known what type of dog he actually was before I had him transported all the way from Tampa to Louisville Ky. I was heartbroken over my older dogs death, now I have to give this one back because he does not fit in with our lifestyle or apt. I am once again heartbroken. Is there a rescue that anyone knows of in the Louisville, Ky area that might be able to find him a local home if his rescuer agrees? I would prefer him to be closer and maybe visit him. I love this dog and he even sleeps at the foot of my bed and cuddles with me all the time. He rides with me everyday in my truck because I can't leave him alone. This is heart wrenching.
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