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Small Dogs > Update on future new puppy

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Barked: Wed Sep 21, '11 10:44pm PST 
Hi all thanks for all the replies.
I will talk with the breeder and see what she tells me about the age of the puppy.

I have actually been researching around since my last post and I think I have decided to try to use a tray to potty train him for inside use , like the ugodog or the little rascal trays. I am actually thinking the ugodog due to I can put two together to make larger and IF need be I could figure out a way to add some kind of siding to contain things if need be.

Anyway any info , advice and or suggestions on litter trays.

I would do a litter box to train him to but I have 5 kitties and I think it would get a little bit to confusing to use a litter box for the dog too.

I am still searching around and looking for ideas and info so appreciate any I can get.

And as far as the weather we get hurricanes here and LOTS of electrical storms and I won't go out in them so I can't expect him to either and I'd rather have a plan for times like this rather than him refusing to go out and then learning to go on my floor cause he can't hold it.

I have been kicking around the idea of having him use the tray or what ever we go with in the garage since that would be indoors out of the weather but still not be considered in the house to him.

Would this be a better solution to indoor training?

Thanks again so very much for all the info you all gave me on my last post I really appreciate it.
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Puppy Place > Potty trays

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Barked: Sun Sep 18, '11 12:41pm PST 
Hi all I have been doing lots of reaseaching and I think I have settled on buying a Ugodog to start my puppy on.

I was hoping to get some ideas on what the issues might be with this type of potty arrangement.

Also I was hoping for some ideas and suggestions on how I could enclose the Ugodog a little bit to keep hangs overs from happening.
I was thinking of making some kind of little fence type siding but not sure what would work well.

I didn't think about wet paws all over the house with paper and pee pads but makes sense.

Also I wanted to ask if any of you that use a tray type method do you have issues with dogs stepping in their poos ?

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Puppy Place > Potty advice for puppy

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Barked: Sat Sep 17, '11 12:41pm PST 
Looking for ideas , suggestions and advice on training my puppy to an indoor potty area.

What has worked for you and what has not?

Looking for suggestions on how you set up your area and what you used .

My puppys mom is a Shih tzu and dad is a mini poodle.

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Small Dogs > New future puppy

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Barked: Fri Sep 16, '11 2:01pm PST 
Hi all I am new and I was hoping to get some pointers on house training my puppy when I get him home.

He is a Shih Poo , he will be about 7 weeks old or so when he gets to come home.

The breeder said she will start them on paper training but I question this due to the fact when I went to see him the other day the mom peed on a throw rug! So I am not sure how well trained her dogs are.

But anyway I would really like to know the pros and cons and ins and outs to potty training.

I am hoping to do a little inside training with some outside too.
We live in Fl and sometimes the weathers not real good to be out in.
So I was planning on putting up a little doggie fence with a small crate to sleep in and putting a really big rubber maid container that has a side cut down so he can get in and have pee pads or a towel or something inside there for him to go pee on.
I only mention towels cause someone suggested using them cause they are cheap and washable and it sounded like a good idea. Plus he couldn't tear them up like pee pads.

I thought the rubber maid container would define his potty area better for him and also IF he would start hiking his leg later it would contain that also.
Another plus to the rubbermaid container is we go home for visits in Tx and it would be easy enough to buy him one there and make another potty station for him there rather than toteing one with us.

I know I should have the area just big enough for sleep and potty and food/water.

I do plan to take him out also when weathers nice but also want him to have his potty area for bad weather,for night time potties and for if I am not home.

How would I start on this? Would I start by putting him in his container potty for a while until he gets the hang of that and then add outside in or should I do a combo of both right from the get go?

These are my plans and I wanted to find out what you all thought about it and if you all had any advice for me on the whole thing.

He is only 3 weeks old right now so I am hoping to get everything worked out before he gets home and to learn everything I need to know so that we can get the best start possible.
Thank so much I look forward to your help and advice.
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