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Dog Health > Comfortis fleat treatment - AWFUL side effects !

Betty Boop

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Barked: Thu Feb 20, '14 11:26am PST 
My mom's border collie has horrible flea allergies, even if she has just a few fleas and her hair starts falling out and she's a miserable itchy mess. Topical flea medications do nothing or next to nothing for her. We've also tried using food grade Diatomaceous earth orally and topically as well as put it on her bedding and it had no effect, has helped the cats a little bit though. We've also ruled out food allergies. Comfortis is the only thing that works, but it doesn't work 100%, we discovered we have to treat all our pets for fleas year round even though they rarely get fleas because when fleas are tracked in on them they end up on the border collie. She just had to have a cortisone shot and is on another round of antibiotics due to a major hit of fleas,her skin is red and raw looking, poor girl.
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Food & Nutrition > How long to feed Great Dane Puppy Puppy food
Betty Boop

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Barked: Tue Jul 16, '13 11:53am PST 
Puppy food is not good for many dog breeds not just large and giant breeds but it's worse on giants because they grow extremely fast, they need to grow at a slow and steady rate (which is still going to appear fast, because they're dane puppies) and puppy food increases their growth rate. Commercial brand puppy food in particular, science diet for example, is high in plant based protein, fat, and calcium which causes uneven growth patterns between the bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Most vets do not understand this issue because they have minimal or no training in small animal nutrition and little experience in large/giant breed growth patterns. Grain free adult formulas, or feeding raw have animal based protein which is ideal for dogs and puppies, especially giant breeds.
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Peruvian Inca Orchid > what is with.....................................


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I think your cute! I have cresteds, since you don't have hair on your head I can reassure you that you are at least not a crested.

I'm hoping to learn more about other hairless varieties here wave
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