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Dog Health > does everyone use flea medications??

Novia- Santina

"Tina Beana"
Barked: Tue Mar 10, '09 2:07am PST 
I have used Front line & heart guard on my dogs since they were old enough to use it. They act a little funny when I first apply the Front line. They are kinda running around like they don't want this on them. But the worst experience I had was when I bought the Promeris. It actually makes them sick. They are very small dogs so I always gave them half the dose anyway.( 1-6 months supply I shared for both dogs) The Promeris has a terrible odor, it stings my eyes when I use it, I don't like it, so I can understand why my puppers don't like it. Am going back to the Frontline when we visit the vet next. It has always worked fine. Never had fleas & when the ticks get on them they die. We live in the country and I have had ticks on me so I have to use something for them. I just would not ever reccomend the Promeris. ( And it cost more than Frontline)
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Get Well Soon > Please Pray For Ellie Mae
Maria- Chiquita

Barked: Tue Mar 10, '09 1:51am PST 
Bless you and Ellie. Love and prayers from Tina & Chicky
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