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Barked: Sat Jan 5, '13 9:11am PST 
I'm the owner of two female German Shepherds, Czarina and Olympia, an empress and a goddess big grin, who both live up to their names. Olympia is the more timid of the two, and many times she is reluctant to try new adventures or as the case currently, getting used to a new puppy. She runs into the laundry room and hides.

I agree with the advice already given in that do not force her, but let her come to you on her own terms. Make sure you pet/stroke her and call her good girl on a frequent basis, give her some toys she might enjoy, some soft blankets to lay in, and let her discover that she's safe and in her forever home. Since she's from a shelter, this will take time, and I know you're probably anxious to show her your world. As you may not know all in her past, she may be scared of either being given up again, or was not socialized properly as a puppy.

Showing your love and commitment on a regular basis will bring her out of her shell, and you'll have a wonderful girl. I can take my two anywhere, but that behavior was caused by my always talking to them, petting them every time I walk by them or they by me, letting them cuddle up next to me, playing fetch. German Shepherds are highly intelligent dogs, and they know instinctively and sense when they are loved and wanted. You sound very committed and happy to have her, so give her time and she'll reward you with the incredible love and devotion that these pups are known for.
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