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Dog Health > Asking for pawsitive healing prayers for Boo: off to vet to investigate throat & neck swelling.

Barked: Tue Mar 25, '14 7:42am PST 
Good morning Doggers!

It has been ages since posting last, just a reader recently.

We lost our Lil'Pup tragically last Feb. so naturally I am super hypersensitive to anything that looks cock-eyed in our other pets.

Long story short....
March 11 I noticed that Boo was doing some exaggerated swallowing, he had chomped on a bully stick earlier that evening. I also recall around the same time he jerked himself on his leash and I suspected he had maybe hurt his neck but normal behavior had not been interrupted.

Beef rib bones are also a regular (weekly) treat after his meals. This is a raw fed house and the bones are also raw and meaty.

Still normal behavior, eating, pooping. However I was starting to suspect that his neck was in fact bothering him.

Fast forward to Sunday. We took a huge hike- all normal- Boo showed no abnormal willingness to play and run.

After dinner & within 60 seconds he is tilting his head and aggressively shaking from head to toe. He was in clear distress/pain but I was unable to locate the source. I am figuring his mouth/throat/neck again.
That has since happened after every meal.

We are off to the vet now.
I have only offered goats milk mush on an elevated surface and have done so in very small portions.

Anyone have experience w/ foreign objects? Neck/throat pain causing post-dinner reaction?

BTW- he recovers in about 15 mins
Please send Boo healing prayers!
Thank you!
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Dog Health > Seizures- scary stuff!
Lily a.k.a.- Lil'Pup

I get to come- too.....right?
Barked: Wed Feb 27, '13 10:50am PST 
Unfortunately, Lil had to spend the night in the ER. She had 2 confirmed and 1 other potential seizure yesterday!

We had an appointment w/ our regular family vet for depression, lethargy, and general signs of pain/discomfort. Appetite & eliminating were all normal.
Vet thought back pain and we started a round of NSAIDS. W/in an hour of getting home Lil was having a seizure so we went to the ER so she could see the neurologist first thing this morning. She had another seizure at 10:30 PM and the vet on duty pushed meds.She has been seizure free since then, but was not able to get a great exam on neurological functions and gait due to the effects of the meds.
We are able to bring her home this evening w/ meds and will be keeping a close watch on her.
Possible causes:
Brain tumor

Phenobarb maintenance to go home.

Thoughts? Naturally this is all a huge shock and we were just not prepared to be faced w/ any of this. Lil is blind due to cataracts, but otherwise had been in great health.

We have 3 pets, all three are fed the saw raw diet and given the same supplements-I am seeing nothing out of the ordinary in my other guys.

Lil is 11 & 1/2 yrs old

No Hx of seizures prior to yesterday.
As most people feel in times of emergency and stress I am feeling quite desperate and don't know what to do, my family is holding vigil that we can bring her home and she can be comfortable and relaxed and LOVED for as long as God's will.

Thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

Thank you
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Raw Food Diet > chicken feet


Barked: Mon Oct 22, '12 10:33am PST 

raw fed dogs for 4 years, diverse diet, regular recreational bones-( ie. short ribs, knee caps, shoulers) rmb-chicken necks and feet.....

chicken feet were included in evening meal last night, no poop this morning from my younger guy and my husband just sent a message that he had been vomiting frown

is this a classic case of panic? is my worry unfounded-aren't our dogs fully capable of digesting the raw bones of a chicken's foot? my being at work probably has more to do with the worry than the actual issue, right?
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Raw Food Diet > Fresh Venison Questions

Lily a.k.a.- Lil'Pup

I get to come- too.....right?
Barked: Mon Oct 3, '11 5:38am PST 
my guys get fresh venison....fresh frozen I mean. I always freeze for a minimum of 2 weeks.

I second the notion of if you aren't the hunter, you aren't the processor, then I'd just double duty and freeze the meat prior to serving.

great find, you got a serious score!
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Raw Food Diet > Coconut Oil


Barked: Sun Oct 2, '11 12:44pm PST 
whole foods 365 brand here. curious though, how long will it stay fresh upon opening? what about it being stored in plastic?

good advice & good topic, dogster ran info on it's benefits a fews weeks back. i always used it for hair & skin. dogs like it too, will watch to see if it helps the garbage breath.
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Dog Health > Could you, if you had to?
Lily a.k.a.- Lil'Pup

I get to come- too.....right?
Barked: Sun Sep 25, '11 5:59am PST 
Well this is a morbid, torturous thread post....and a good Sunday morning to you too. Hopefully HQ will shut it down.
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Dog Health > Histiocytoma?


Barked: Sat Sep 24, '11 8:15pm PST 
It's as though this developed as I am typing this! I noticed a small pea sized, symmetrical, free moving, skin toned growth on my pup's back leg today. My best guess is a histiocytoma, he doesn't seem to be bothered by it. My plan was to watch him over the next week for any irregularities.

Anyone know anything of these?shrug
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Raw Food Diet > Calling all do you do raw??

Lily a.k.a.- Lil'Pup

I get to come- too.....right?
Barked: Wed Sep 21, '11 7:18pm PST 
I suppose so, just trying to be sensitive to her needs. I think it goes without saying we would all trade the moon if their bodies could stay young and spry for all times. There is however an undeniable sweetness that only comes with old age, for that I cherish the senior pups.

My girl is slowing down mostly to impaired vison from catarcts. The daily walks are a bit slower, but she still spins and dances for her leash and harness. I feed chicken feet on a weekly basis and she gets a joint supplement several days a week. Chicken necks, ribs, lamb trotters, knee caps, and an Ark Naturals chew scrubber for dental/oral care, raw apple cider vinegar with meals, sardine oil, and a sea veg multi vitamin/mineral supplement are all in the weekly mix as well.

In the past I was able to switch proteins mid-week, my guys had always had iron clad stomachs. I suppose they are similar to ourselves and with age must experience a decrease in digestive function. I'll keep journaling and extend the protein week longer to avoid potential upsets.

And btw, Heather, you are seriously adorable! Stay strong sweet girl!
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Raw Food Diet > Calling all do you do raw??

Lily a.k.a.- Lil'Pup

I get to come- too.....right?
Barked: Tue Sep 20, '11 7:48pm PST 
So we've been a raw fed house for 3 years now, pretty textbook for the most part. Usual benefits, minor hiccups early on, not to forget the great bonding with my animals knowing how much they enjoy their food. Problem is, I've never had a senior raw eater until now. My sweet golden girl is starting to show her age, so I am obliged to change with her.

Pertaining to this forum.....because her diet is completely under my control I have begun a journal of what/how/when she eats and the She recently had a bout of nausea and vomiting, my best guess is that she ate too much of an unfamiliar protein. (In this instance, pork.)

So, my hope is that some of you senior dogsters can lend a paw and share some stories of the adjustments you have made and perhaps some recommendations?

I supplement with a probiotic/digestive enzyme and she still takes her daily walks and chews her bones. I'm mostly concerned that raw is still the best, still the right path for her. Wondering if a senior girl would benefit from a bland diet? Red meats always were a favorite, but I've added more fish and chicken for easy digestion.

Thoughts....suggestions...... check is a-ok, blood, stool samples good to go too, weight has always been on point. Teeth....meh, she's a Boston and has that nice short mug and smashed up teeth. Eyes are foggy, ears are super sonic.

Thanks gang!
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Raw Food Diet > RMB and teeth cleaning
Lily a.k.a.- Lil'Pup

I get to come- too.....right?
Barked: Wed Jul 6, '11 5:27am PST 
RMB are great for teeth cleaning, recreational bones are great for teeth cleaning, stuffed & frozen kongs are great for teething cleaning, and bully sticks are great as would anything you can give to create some abrasion to their tooth surface. The main idea is to get your dog to chew. The forementioned are always in rotation at my house, but I have smaller guys each weighing under 35 lbs, my smaller girl is only 18 lbs. I do have a gulper so everything bone is under supervision and typically as Max suggested a bit larger than their head size.

Turkey, chicken, and duck necks are good for us, I hold the turkey necks for my gulper. Vertebrates are shaped to be perfect toothbrushes and there is typically enough meat surrounding the bones to act as a cushion. Spare ribs from beef or bison are large enough to use as a recreational chew for hours of tooth scrubbing. I stay away from lamb, pork, and deer as they tend to be softer and crack easily. Weight bearing bones(femurs/tibs/fibs) of larger animals (beef/bison) are completely off the table as they can crack teeth. However, I have had success with deer and lamb legs. Chicken feet can even be great if you have soft mouthed dogs.

It is an issue of "know thy dog." Experimenting was the only way I was able to build my arsenal, I'm still not comfortable with just giving a bone and walking away. Bones in my house come after a meal, either morning or night depending on my schedule. RMB are calculated into the daily meal, recreational chews are a bonus. I do give chews on average 5 times a week, it keeps them busy and gives them something to think about.

You mentioned that your dogs are living with your parents, maybe talk with them to find out how comfortable they are feeding raw bones? If nothing else you can at least find some great chew options and teeth cleaners like a bully stick. Your lucky to have a senior pup that is still into chewing, I think it does wonders for their minds as well as their oral hygiene!
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